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Covid-19 and Women: The UK’s Horn of Africa Communities

In the year since COVID-19 emerged, it has in some way impacted almost everyone across the world. However, it has become clear that those who started the pandemic with a disadvantage in terms of health, poverty, disability, ethnicity, or gender are suffering its impacts disproportionately. This policy briefing explores the impact of Covid policies on women from the UK’s Horn of Africa communities.

ATM Improving Mental Health Support for the UK Somali Community

Anti-Tribalism Movement’s latest Policy Briefing Paper on Improving Mental Health Support for the Somali Community in the Uk  has identified the main barriers/challenges faced by the community. It is intended for policy action from Policy Makers, Mental Health service delivery providers and wider stakeholders.

We have provided a reasonable set of recommendations that goes beyond a quick fix solution — but a call for a collective policy and service delivery attitude to change and actions on a grassroots level.


Covid-19: Second Lockdown (Somali)

Kani waa buug yar oo soo koobaya xayiraadaha muhiimka ah ee xiritaanka waddankan labaad ee UK laga bilaabo Khamiista 5ta Noofambar – Arbaco 2da Diseembar. Buug-yarahan wuxuu ku tusayaa akhristayaasha adeegyada ATM-ka ee la heli karo xilligan sidoo kale.

Covid-19: Second Lockdown (English)

This booklet captures the key restrictions for the second lockdown as well as a reminder of the initiatives and programmes we will be running during the lockdown.

Great Black Briton: A Celebration of Black History in the UK

In response to the Black Lives Matter Movement, our young people co-designed this digital anti-racist educational resource to introduce young people to iconic Black Britons. The debates sparked by the Black Lives Matter Movement in regards to the British curriculum inspired our young people to create this resource for young people returning to education post-lockdown.


Lead and Be Led: Digital Toolkit

The Lead and Be Led Digital Toolkit was designed in partnership with our young people at ATM. The toolkit is an accompanying resource used in our bespoke leadership programme for people aged 16-24. Included are the reflective and active skills required to develop personal and professional leadership skills required in our communities and society.