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Macpherson Report 21 Years on Inquiry

This report contains the findings of a survey we administered with British-Somali respondents on their experiences with police during and prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. This report was submitted to the Home Affairs Select Committee on the Macpherson Inquiry 21 Years On on the 29th June 2020.


This new report has shown Somalia is facing a multitude of challenges as Covid-19 spreads in Africa and continues to ravage the UK, causing rising unemployment in the Somali community and a collapse in the money they are sending back home.

COVID-19 – Impact on the Somali Community (ATM 2020)

This policy briefing is written by the Anti-Tribalism Movement endorsed by 27 Somali charities across the UK. The policy briefing sets out the main challenges the community is facing in relation to housing, health, income, education and technology, culture, and community infrastructure. The briefing also features twenty-one recommendations for central and local statutory agencies, urging them to respond to the key vulnerabilities of British-Somalis heightened by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hate Crime

Is racism the new ‘normal’?

Somali experience of hate crime in the UK.

Somalis in the UK are frequent targets of hate crime, suffering incidents from verbal abuse to arson and assault. Most hate crime goes unreported. Most Somalis are resigned to racism as a normal part of being a minority in the UK. Evidence for Home Affairs Select Committee on ‘Hate crime and its violent consequences’ August 2016

Maanta Iyo Bari (Peace booklet)

“Muslimka toosan waa qofka afkiisa iyo gacmihiisa ay ka nabad helaan dadka kale.” Saxiixul Bukhaari.

Kacdoonka la dagaallanka qabyaaladda ayaa ku faraxsan in ay fursad u heshay in ay farriintan kula wadaagto oo ah mid ku saabsan mustaqbal wacan iyo nabad dhalinta dhallinyarada Soomaaliyeed. Waxaan qoraalkan kooban ku xusi doonaa foolxumada nabad-diidka iyo anshax xumida in laga shaqeeyo ama laga shaqeysto qabyaaladda iwm.

A Space of Our Own

The role and value of youth organisations in strengthening communities

This report draws on research carried out with ten youth organisations who are all members of London Youth. We sought to reflect a range of different provision within the research. Organisations were drawn from across London and varied in terms of the type of services they offer, and young people they support. Some have a mission focused solely on young people (although as we found out, they often work with parents, carers and other stakeholders in the community); others are much broader in their focus, and are not solely ‘youth organisations’, but work with young people as one of a number of groups of individuals.