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Our latest Policy Briefing Paper on COVID-19, UNEMPLOYMENT AND THE SOMALI COMMUNITY has explored and assessed whether existing government support is reaching the Somali Community at a grassroots level. We also assessed any gaps and unmet support needs that have yet to receive, through government support and attention. We recommend urgent action is taken by UK government to support the community through this difficult time. This is essential to fulfil the governments promise to level up and build back better.

Covid-19 and Women: The UK’s Horn of Africa Communities

In the year since COVID-19 emerged, it has in some way impacted almost everyone across the world. However, it has become clear that those who started the pandemic with a disadvantage in terms of health, poverty, disability, ethnicity, or gender are suffering its impacts disproportionately. This policy briefing explores the impact of Covid policies on women from the UK’s Horn of Africa communities.

Buraanbur: Cultural Beauty, Peace Promotion and Tribal Prejudice

This report explores the diaspora’s relationship with buraanbur and how both personal and political identities are created through this art-form. The research highlights the cultural importance and contribution of buraanbur to Somali culture. Despite buraanbur being one of the most profound poetic art-forms, there is very little research about the political power of this artform. Although we know it is highly politicised with tribalism, its main function has always been to not only celebrate but for self-expression which has previously worked positively in influencing history for Somali women.

ATM Improving Mental Health Support for the UK Somali Community

Anti-Tribalism Movement’s latest Policy Briefing Paper on Improving Mental Health Support for the Somali Community in the Uk  has identified the main barriers/challenges faced by the community. It is intended for policy action from Policy Makers, Mental Health service delivery providers and wider stakeholders.

We have provided a reasonable set of recommendations that goes beyond a quick fix solution — but a call for a collective policy and service delivery attitude to change and actions on a grassroots level.


Ethnic disparities and inequality in the UK

In response to the government’s call for evidence to review ethnic disparities and inequalities, we submitted this response and opted to answer all of the questions with cited references.

COVID-19 – Impact on the Somali Community (ATM 2020)

This policy briefing is written by the Anti-Tribalism Movement endorsed by 27 Somali charities across the UK. The policy briefing sets out the main challenges the community is facing in relation to housing, health, income, education and technology, culture, and community infrastructure.