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  • Somali organisations and community leaders issued this statement to send condolences to Sir David Ames’s family, loved ones and his constituents.
  • We are saddened to hear about the murder of Sir David Amess MP who was the victim of violence in his constituency. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with his family, loved ones and his constituents’. #DavidAmessMP
  • 📝NEW BLOG POST #NationalHateCrimeAwarenessWeek provided us with the opportunity to promote our hate crime service S.A.V.A.H. @hatecrimeatm Read below to see how we collaborated with a number of organisations, namely @LBHF this week. #HenrySmithCharity
  • For the last day of National Hate Crime Awareness week, we delivered a workshop on tribalism and raised awareness about hate crime in the Somali community for the team at @CPSUK! 🖥 #NationalHateCrimeAwarenessWeek #HenrySmithCharity
  • We are visiting @TfL’s Control Centre to learn about the work they are doing to tackle hate crime and create safer transport networks. #NHCAW
  • Today we participated in @LBHF Pause & Reimagine Workshop with Hammersmith and Fulham's Community Safety Unit! We are grateful to have had the chance to add our input and excited to see the impact in the future!
  • For our second day of National Hate Crime Awareness week, we are with @lb_southwark delivering our Hate Crime service SAVAH @hatecrimeatm #HCAW
  • ➡️Happy Hate Crime Awareness week! Our hate crime service SAVAH will be delivering a number of workshops around London to showcase the services on offer at ATM. Stay tuned this week and come down if you’re free to learn more about how we at ATM are tackling hate crime. #NHCAW
  • Happy National Hate Crime Awareness week! We kick off a week of events with our stall in Lyric Square Hammersmith with @LBHF! Come visit us to learn more about our hate crime service SAVAH @hatecrimeatm! ℹ️ #HateCrimeAwarenessWeek
  • We would like to wish a happy #BlackHistoryMonth to our fellow Black Brits! This year’s theme is #ProudToBe and we are proud to be a voice for a thriving community with future leaders and role models.
  • Thank you to @the_young_fdn and Greater London Authority for inviting ATM to join the launch of the Civic Strength Index and engage in important conversation 🙏🏾
  • 🏘Join our FREE housing champions programme where you can receive advocacy training, capacity building and knowledge 📨
  • 📹 Check our the highlight video of ATM’s 2021 Unite Summit - Subscribe and watch the full video on our YouTube Channel by clicking the link below:
  • There has been so much shared learning that is very much appreciated at @HornAssociation Annual AGM!
  • A special thanks to @PeopleAriseNow for hosting a Community Connect where we were able to meet amazing community members and inspirational groups of people! We can’t wait to attend the next one 👏🏾🫂
  • This month's newsletter includes: 🌟Unite Summit roundup + photos 📝Lead and Be Led alumni blog 🧠Youth Mental Health day && much more! Subscribe here to our newsletter to stay in the loop! -->
  • Take a look at this timely piece about whether there is a role for diaspora in peacemaking and peace building in the Horn of Africa written by our trustee Yusuf @YYididiilo and Paul Asquith for @shabaka_org. ➡️
  • 📝Following her time on our Lead and Be Led cohort, Nadar Abdi used her skills and new-found confidence to become a Youth Advisory Board Member at Partnership for Young London. She also interned for an MP through Parliamentors. Read more here 👇🏾
  • Today marks the annual celebration of the #InternationalDayOfPeace🕊️ Visit our website to learn more about how we encourage peace through Dialogue, Education, and Advocacy. Lets work together to promote Peace, Tolerance, Inclusion and Understanding.
  • 📝NEW BLOG POST @SafJama, founder of @WomenInclusive has had her name unveiled on the London DLR train number 62 in recognition of her tireless community efforts during the challenging Covid-19 pandemic. Read more below 👇🏾
  • Thank you to @young_ealing for inviting us to their AGM. It was wonderful to hear about the work they’ve been doing for the year and we’re looking forward to their future endeavours 🙏🏾
  • As restrictions have been eased, Culture House is now fully operational. We are pleased to have hosted the Somali Book Fair event in partnership with Somali Pen and Somali Language Academia. We encourage all to drop by and book Culture House for various events and meeting! 🏠
  • We'd like to thank the @LBHF community safety unit and every young person that attended the round table discussion on Thursday 2nd September. The discussions were incredibly insightful and we hope that we can continue to engage in progressive conversations in the future.🙏🏿
  • 🧠Happy Youth Mental Health Day! We have been subsidising free therapy sessions for our young people throughout the pandemic. Today we celebrate how far our young people have come through these sessions and congratulate their efforts to protect their mental health.
  • 📝NEW BLOG POST ATM’s annual Unite Summit was held to bring community leaders together and collate strategies to improve the lives of UK Somalis. Read below 👇🏾
  • This workshop has been postponed for the time being. Keep an eye out for the new dates 👀 Sign up below to stay informed -->
  • Our yearly Summit has just kicked off this morning at Hilton in London. It is our first face-to-face gathering since the pandemic began.
  • Want to become more employable? we will be holding a Digital Youth Employability Workshop on the 7-8th September! Register your interest here ➡️ #workshop #jobs #youth #employability
  • This week we celebrate Be Kind to Humankind week! Spreading kindness offers the opportunity to connect with others; At ATM, we practice kindness in a variety of ways. Read more ->
  • This morning, our team are undertaking Disability and Access training to ensure our building and services are accessible to all. Thank you @CityBridgeTrust for giving us the necessary funding for this training. 🙏🏾
  • Our youth programme 'Lead and Be Led' contains a Social Action element where our young people come together to solve a community issue. 📒Last year, we created a digital toolkit which included the reflective and active skills required to become a leader
  • Join us on the 26th of August where our team member will be joining the Real Story in their exciting discussion surrounding expanding project activities to Somalia. 👇🏾Register here:
  • Happy #WorldHumanitarianDay! Our ‘Real Life Hero’ is Professor Mohamed Eno who has dedicated his life to ensuring access to education for young people in Somalia. We have teamed up with him to launch our ATM Fellowship Programme. Donate here:
  • 📝NEW BLOG POST 👇🏾#NationalNonprofitDay Non-profits are instrumental in fostering awareness, social changes, advocacy and challenging notions whilst at the same time tackling inequality through support services. ➡️Read more about ATM's initiatives here:
  • 📝NEW BLOG POST 👇🏾 #InternationalYouthDay is for uplifting the voices of young people and strengthening systems in both local communities and nations across the world. Our ATM fellowship aims to do this by bridging the education gap. Read more ➡️
  • Happy #InternationalYouthDay ! 👩🏽‍🦱🧑🏽‍🦱 💭💭 Today's youth has the power to shape our tomorrow; in celebration, our young people in this year’s Lead and Be Led cohort have taken the time to reflect on the skills they’ve learnt so far!
  • We are wishing all our young people who are receiving results today the best of luck! 🙏🏾 Remember: There is no failure except in no longer trying! ✊🏾 #alevelresultsday2021
  • 🚨Join our young people and @LBHF gangs unit on a discussion with the local police on strengthening relationships and community building! Register your interest by emailing
  • We are so pleased with our new artwork that brings life to the office. Come and check it out at Culture House for a closer look at these creative pieces! 😍
  • Our youth programme leader @yasmoal met with @2_3degrees on a podcast with @youngh_f to discuss systemic racism/structural inequality and how to respond to racial stereotypes, microaggressions, and biases. Stay tuned for the release coming soon! 👀 👏
  • This month's newsletter includes: 🌟ATM Fellowship fundraiser launches! ➡️ Lead and Be Led cohort begins 🏚ATM’s Community Housing Champions programme 🚫School exclusion policy briefing comes soon && much more! SIGN UP HERE --> ✅
  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games begin today in Japan. Two athletes @somaliboxer and Hassan Ali Idow will compete in #Somalia’s team this year. We wish both of them the best of luck and hope they make us proud. #Tokyo2020 #OlympicGames

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