Vision & Mission


Our vision is of a society where people work together to resolve Tribalism and social inequality and promote tolerant and inclusive societies.


We provide practical support to help people affected by tribalism, inequality, and conflicts achieve lasting solutions. We draw on our shared experiences to improve peace-building, policies, and practice by fostering dialogue and actions that bring individuals and communities together.

We create young leaders to challenge the prejudice that causes tribalism, conflicts, and inequalities. By empowering effective leaders and ambassadors to advocate for tolerance, peace, cohesion, development and non-tribalistic society.


Impartiality – We believe to base our decisions on objective criteria, rather than on the basis of bias, tribalism, prejudice or preferences.

Credibility – We believe to earn respect and trust through our programs with tangible outcomes by sharing lesson learnt, achievements

Transparent – We timely and reliably disclosures ATM’s performance information including financial and value for money.

Commitment- We believe to achieve societies free from tribalism and inequalities takes time. That’s why we make long-term commitments to people to resolve tribalism and social inequality and promote tolerant and inclusive societies.