Policy Advocacy


Advocacy and policy programme is at the heart of what we do, whether working to achieve social equality and inclusion or to ensure the rights and voices of marginalised are represented.

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    Research and Publications per year

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    Public & Statutory Consultation per year

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    Policy Contribution per year

What is ATM Policy and Advocacy?

Our Policy & Advocacy covers a wide range of activities that influence policy decision-makers locally and nationally. Such advocacy includes meeting decision-makers to share information, experiences, and expertise on a range of issues affecting the community and society at large. Our policy & advocacy is about building long-term relationships, forming networks, and building public awareness around shared goals and challenges with the aim of changing policy and specific legislative measures that affect our service users at the grassroots level.

The purpose of policy & advocacy, what it does for the community? 

At the Anti-Tribalism Movement, we aim to play a vital role in the development and implementation of public policy to help promote an informed, healthy, and strong civil society for all. We observe the challenges and aspirations of our service users and record their experiences and attitudes to public policies. Our purpose is to filter these experiences to decision-makers and identify any gaps, risks in policy attitudes as well as resources to effect change for the community. Such policy & advocacy provides unique insight and engagement in public policy that raises awareness of our organisational mission statement, helps mobilise our core service users while also attracting positive media attention.

How we complete our researches?

The basis of our policy & advocacy is findings and recommendations. This is carried out by wide research through interviews, surveys, and focus groups with individuals, groups, and institutions affected by our thematic policy briefings. This methodology gives our advocacy substance through qualitative and quantitative data while also giving us direction and guidance on the most successful approaches for our advocacy and lobbying.

How to get involved?

Sign up to the newsletter to be updated on opportunities to participate in our research/policy briefings, stakeholders engagements (or ask questions, find out more info, give feedback) via email info@theatm.org