Our flagship leadership programme, Lead and Be Led, has developed 100s of young people to make real changes to their lives and communities.

  • 30

    Young leaders per year

  • 15

    Volunteers per year

  • 10

    Social action Projects per Year

  • 120

    Young leaders Developed

ATM developed the Young Leaders ‘Lead and be Led’ project in 2017 to enhance the skills of young people to realise their potential and become young ambassadors within their communities. The model aimed to develop young people who then share their skills with their peers. The project focused on core skills and attributes needed in today’s society which emphasises social and emotional competencies, including self-awareness, collaboration, empathy, relationship-building, and the ability to lead through authenticity rather than by authority. This means we want young people to lead with kindness and earned respect rather than privilege or inequality.

We believe that working to our strengths develops our potential. That’s why our leadership programme aims to bring out the very best in each young person to ensure that they access the opportunities to improve their lives. Our mission of creating fairer communities free of tribalism is rooted in improving life chances for young people to steer them away from divisive ideals. Are you a young person who would like to develop your skills and make connections through our bespoke leadership programme?

The Lead and Be Led program take place throughout the year with young people aged 16-24. Our participants take part in exclusive face-to-face and/or online training to hone their ability to manage projects, contribute to public debates, build ideas and relationships, gain employment and bring about a wider change in society. The benefits of participating are developing clear skills needed for employment, increasing your network, accessing opportunities, and finally using everything you learn to become a better leader.

ATM believes that every young person is a born leader. With the right support, encouragement, tools, and opportunities a young person can be confident enough to speak up, make changes, and pursue their aspirations despite social and economic barriers.

Do you have what it takes to become a young leader? If you are a Londoner and aged 16‐24 – we want to hear from you by filling this form!

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