SAVAH- (Supporting and Advocating for Victims Against Hate) is our dedicated hate crime service that supports Somali and Horn of African hate crime victims based in London.

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What is SAVAH (Supporting and Advocating for Victims of Against Hate)

SAVAH supports victims who have suffered an incident which they, or someone else, think was motivated by prejudice based on ethnicity or religion. This often takes the form of racist abuse (verbal, written, or online), assaults, bullying, arson, threats, damage to property, etc. Incidents may take place around homes, streets, public transport, schools, workplaces, etc.

What SAVAH will do for clients

Any member of the Somali and Horn of African communities in London who suffers a hate crime can come to us for free support. We offer the following services for clients:

  1. Emotional support: We will provide a non-judgmental listening ear to help victims to cope with the effects of hate crime. We are not a specialised psycho-social service but will listen with empathy. We can refer clients for specialist counseling if requested.
  2. Practical support: We will empower victims to understand their options. We will help them make decisions on what to do in relation to the hate crime, based on their wishes (except in rare circumstances where we may be legally obliged to disclose). We can advocate with relevant agencies to achieve desired case outcomes. Actions may include, for example:
    • helping clients to understand their rights and the responsibilities of various institutions to victims of hate crime
    • helping clients to report incidents to the police or other agencies (including by accompanied meetings) and pushing for appropriate action against perpetrators
    • liaising with local authorities or housing authorities to clean away racist graffiti
    • meeting with schools to ensure that racist bullying is tackled appropriately
    • accompanying clients to court or other legal hearings in relation to the hate crime (note that we cannot offer legal advice, but we can refer clients to solicitors where necessary)
  3. Build networks of support: We will provide a safe space for victims of hate crime to come together, on an entirely voluntary basis, to share coping strategies and empowerment tactics.

What will happen when a hate crime victim comes to us for support

  1. We open a case file, offer a listening ear, and take details of the incident or incidents.
  2. We work with the victim to think about their needs and assess available options.
  3. Driven by the client’s wishes, we formulate an action plan tailored to their needs in relation to the hate crime. For needs that are not related to the hate crime, we can refer the client to other services.
  4. We support clients to achieve the agreed action plan. This is through empowerment, advocacy, accompaniment, or any other appropriate method.
  5. We offer the opportunity for clients to meet with other victims of hate crime and seek peer support.

How clients can come to our service

Clients can come directly to our service by contacting ATM. This may be by:

  • Phone (0203-5881880)
  • Email Habbon Abdi (
  • Social media (on the right-hand side of this page

Clients can be referred to ATM by any other agency to whom the hate crime is reported. Please find Referral forms on the right-hand side of this page.