Community Housing Champions


This project is helping address the accountability gap between residents and regeneration actors in London.

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    Beneficiaries per year

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    Placement per year

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    Stakeholders Engagement

What is the community housing champions programme?

The community housing champions programme strengthens engagement between BAME communities and planning and regeneration decision-makers. It seeks to improve the inclusion of BAME voices in London’s regeneration schemes, which leads to inclusive regeneration policy and practice, and improved quality of life for BAME communities. In the programme, 60 Housing Champions are trained over three years which results in 21 regeneration and development decision-makers incorporating BAME voices into their decisions.

What does the programme do for women?

The women in this programme build their knowledge and confidence, amplify their advocacy and influence policy. The programme allows the women affected by planning and regeneration to represent themselves and their voices. This is enabled by the training and networking that the women will receive.

What will happen to women who join the community housing champions programme?

The women who join the community housing champions programme will:

  1. Be trained to amplify BAME voices on housing options.
  2. Transfer their knowledge with over 200 BAME residents in London.
  3. Build networks and alliances with other Housing Champions, and other BAME communities and organisations working towards accountable regeneration.
  4. Represent at regeneration and planning advisory boards.
  5. Work with 21 decision-makers from regenerations and planning institutions.

How can women sign up?

Women can sign up by contacting Amal Sabrie:

  • Phone (02035881880)
  • Email (
  • Social media (on the right-hand side of this page)