Community Housing Champions


This project is helping address the accountability gap between residents and regeneration actors in London.

  • 20

    Beneficiaries per year

  • 3

    Placement per year

  • 10

    Stakeholders Engagement

Community Housing Champions works with disadvantaged women to strengthen the voice of disadvantaged communities in regeneration processes through empowerment, advocacy, and coalition building. The project seeks to change institutional mindsets to be receptive to BAME voices, thus achieving fair community-friendly regeneration.

COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT- We want to strategically scale up this work by making knowledge- and confidence-building training available to residents across London from all BAME communities and building advocacy coalitions between BAME communities facing similar problems and wanting similar change via the following activities:

Activity 1: Knowledge-building– We facilitate training for 20 BAME women from across London to become Housing Champions.

Activity 2: Knowledge-Transfer – We work with trained Housing Champions to reach other residents through community events, face-to-face meetings, Zoom webinars, or social media.

Activity 3: Coalition-building – we work with target communities to connect with neighbouring communities seeking similar change to help amplify our advocacy asks.

INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE- For change and accountability to be sustainable, empowered communities need to be met with positivity in decision-makers. As part of this project, we support decision-makers to understand why they must, and how they can, listen to the needs of diverse communities via the following activities:

Activity 4: Positive Stakeholder Engagement- We facilitate regular engagements between the Housing Advocacy Officer, Housing Champions, and regeneration decision-makers to provide a safe space to consult with BAME communities in regeneration areas.

Activity 5: Strategic Placements– We will place 3 Housing Champions per year in regeneration-related institutions. This will bring minority representation into influencing forums, ensuring that community voices can positively influence regeneration practice and policy. ATM will pay a stipend to the placed Housing Champion by helping to cover the cost of travel, food, and childcare.