ATM Fellows


The ATM Fellowship is a leadership programme launched in 2016 to develop talented individuals from the British-Somali community by equipping them with a postgraduate degree in Law and Leadership.

The ATM Fellowship is a bespoke postgraduate scholarship programme designed to nurture outstanding future leaders from the British‐Somali community in the United Kingdom. Over 37 future leaders have completed the programme and gone on to make significant contributions to their communities and wider society.

  • 37

    Graduates in law and leadership

  • 18

    Research areas addressed in relation to the Somali community

  • 65

    Public positions of influence acquired through the programme

  • 12

    Engagement projects undertaken

Sponsor a Student

The Fellowship was a direct response to a need for increased representation for members of the British-Somali community in public life. Over a 9-month period, students attended academic classes, produced research and delivered community engagement projects.

The fellowship was created to support talented individuals to take positions in think tanks, local and central government, media agencies, nonprofits and private sectors to influence change that benefits Somalis and the wider community.

The ATM Fellowship has produced 37 ‘bridgeheads’ who continue to implement strategic leadership that ensures the voice and needs of the community are represented at all levels of public decision-making.

Building on the successes of the fellowship programme in the UK, we are looking forward to Somalia. The Fellowship will now support 20 Somali students at higher education institutions and universities across Somalia. The programme will launch in 2021 to support students from the most marginalised and isolated communities across Somalia.

By the year 2030, we want to counter social division by supporting hundreds of marginalised students to become leaders and influence change for their communities. £25 per month will support a student who cannot afford university fees to gain an education, gain meaningful work and potentially support an entire family out of poverty.