ATM Fellowship


The ATM Fellowship is a unique scholarship programme designed with students from socially marginalised groups in Somalia to access a fully-funded postgraduate or undergraduate degree.

In 2021, we launched our first ATM Fellowship programme in Somalia in partnership with the University of Southern Somalia in Baidoa, Somalia. The pilot programme supports students from socially marginalised groups living in Somalia to benefit from a fully-funded undergraduate degree, training and professional development.

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    Number of students we are supporting in the 2021 pilot programme

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    Expert Academic Steering Committee Members

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    Students supported by the year 2030


Building on the successes of the fellowship programme in the UK, we successfully launched our pilot programme in Somalia in September of 2021. In partnership with the University of Southern Somalia, the ATM Fellowship will support young people from socially marginalised groups with a fully-funded 3-4 year scholarship.

Our mission is to combat social inequality by providing access to education for the most underserved members of Somali society and to do it in a method that prioritises places and people living outside of the capital cities in the country where our programmes are currently undertaken. Our pilot Fellowship programme in Somalia finds its home in Baidoa, Somalia.

By the year 2030, we want to counter social division by supporting historically marginalised students to become leaders and influence change for their communities. £25 per month will support a student who cannot afford university fees to gain an education, gain meaningful work and potentially support an entire family out of poverty.

Scholarship Eligibility:
1. Must be from socially marginalised groups.
2. Qualify to study university but unable to study university due to financial constraints.
3. Aged between 16-30 years old.
4. 50% female representation.

Governance and Accountability:
Accountability is important to us. We are working with the best expert academics to design and oversee this programme. Members of our Executive Steering Committee include:

Prof. Abdi M. Kusow – IOWA State University.
Prof. Mohamed Eno – University of Southern Somalia.
Dr. Saida Abdi – University of Minnesota
Prof. Ali Jimaale Ahmed – Queens College, City University of New York.
Dr Yusuf Omar – SOAS University of London and ATM Trustee.

Sponsor a Student

We are appealing to individual donors, students societies, corporations, funders and other institutions to help us. We would love you to be part of this journey to change the balance of power in unequal societies and communities.

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