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Who Do You Aspire To Be? The Inspiring Social Action Campaign by ATM’s Young Leaders

As a young person who has been part of the Anti-Tribalism Movement’s (ATM) Youth Leadership Programme, I am proud to say that our recent social action campaign was a huge success. The event was a culmination of the skills and knowledge we gained through the programme, and it showcased the potential of young leaders like us to effect change in our communities.

The event featured an inspiring lineup of speakers, including Kauser Fadal, who delivered a powerful speech on the importance of perseverance and resilience. As a case worker at Wilson Solicitors LLP, Kauser’s success was attributed to her passion and ability to overcome challenges, and her advice to the younger generation was to use their power for good and to always be true to themselves.

The panel discussion was equally insightful, featuring a diverse range of professionals with unique experiences and perspectives. Hashem Abdi, an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Manager at a global law firm, highlighted the importance of authenticity and leaving a good impression, while Mohamed Mohamud, a Development and Conflict Resolution enthusiast, emphasised the significance of being truthful and knowing oneself. MIK Treatz, a dessert SME founded by three Somali business partners, spoke about the importance of leaving a good impression, while Farah Mohamoud, a social entrepreneur, encouraged the next generation to embrace the unknown and be comfortable making mistakes.

The Q&A session provided an opportunity for attendees to ask the speakers about their motivations, inspirations, and advice for pursuing their dreams. For me, the event was an eye-opener that showed me how to get to where I want to be in the next five years, the paths I can take, and how to go about it.

Overall, the event was a testament to the power of young leaders and the impact we can make in our communities. The Youth Leadership Programme has been an instrumental part of my journey, and I would encourage any young person with a passion for leadership and community development to sign up for the next cohort in March. As young leaders, we are proud to be part of the ATM community and look forward to continuing our work to create a better future for all.