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World Wellbeing Week 2022!

This week marks the 4th anniversary of World Wellbeing Week 2022. Held annually, this event celebrates different aspects of wellbeing such as physical, mental, emotional, financial,…

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Stephen Lawrence Day 2022

Each year on the 22nd of April, we celebrate the life and the legacy of Stephen Lawrence. Stephen Lawrence was only 18 when he was killed…

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Latest videos

Anti - Tribalism Movement (ATM)

  • ATM Summit 2021

    By using our convening power and grassroots knowledge, we recently brought together the leading community organisations, community leaders, interlockers, academic, young leaders, and practitioners across the UK to help add value and practical solutions that will have a measurable impact on the lives of the Somali community in the UK as well to discuss post-Covid19 community recovery.

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  • International Somali Awards ISA 2021

    The 6th International Somali Awards brought together talented Somalis to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Somalis from across the globe, from Sport, Tech, Education, the Arts, Business & Community Impact.

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  • ATM Young Leader’s Awards

    ‘Lead and Be Led’ is The Anti-Tribalism Movement’s flagship leadership programme. Over 60 young people have completed the programme to develop confidence, decision-making and critical thinking skills. We celebrated their hard work with a special awards ceremony to recognise their achievements with family and friends.

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