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ATM Young Poets Stun Crowd

We held a live poetry show-case on the 30th November putting a spotlight on our young people who have toiled over their creative writing skills…

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Anti - Tribalism Movement (ATM)


    The latest Jawaab episode – we are celebrating local heroes like Mahamed Hashi.

    Special thanks to Brixton Soup Kitchen and Support Centre.

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  • International Somali Awards ISA 2019

    The 4th International Somali Awards brought together talented Somalis to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Somalis from across the globe, from Sport, Tech, Education, the Arts, Business & Community Impact.

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  • ATM Young Leader’s Awards

    ‘Lead and Be Led’ is The Anti-Tribalism Movement’s flagship leadership programme. Over 60 young people have completed the programme to develop confidence, decision-making and critical thinking skills. We celebrated their hard work with a special awards ceremony to recognise their achievements with family and friends.

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  • Growing up as a Somali in the UK

    What’s your experience of being young, British and Somali?

    Mid Baan Nahay (We Are One) tells the story of two second-generation young British-Somalis making sense of their rich heritage and multiple identities. Thanks to our partners: John Lyons Charity, Media Trust and Solaris2 Media

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  • 🚨 Our key workers spent their #Ramadan and Eid protecting the public. We need to keep listening to them. #EidAlFitr👇🏾
  • Wishing all those celebrating a very happy Eid-Ul-Fitr. 🤲🏾 #EidWanaagsan
  • 🗣 Our young people are telling us that they’re worried about their futures after #Coronavirus. 📉 If you’re 16-25 how has lockdown affected your ability to work? @resfoundation @ONS
  • It is inspiring to see young Somali innovators doing their part and using their talents to make a positive impact during this pandemic. This is such an important and much needed initiative. Thank you @Nomadilab #covid #Somalia
  • 📲 Our recent report addresses the impact of Covid-19 on the Somali-British communities ability to support families reliant on their transfers. 📄 Click the link to read our recommendations for business and civil society:
  • 🔖 Sign up for our FREE 6-week online leadership programme. Open to all 16-24 year olds in the U.K! #YoungLeaders
  • 🚨 Calling all young leaders! 🏡 Lead and Be Led will now available as an online programme which will give you the opportunity to gain a wide variety of skills and support from your home. Sign up here: #StayatHome
  • 📜 The Somali Women’s Charter has officially launched! 🔖 We participated in the Somali Women’s Convention 2019. 🗣 Our advocacy spoke to the intersectional link between tribalism, poverty and gender in relation to women’s rights. @DeqaYasin @MwomenHRD Read the report👇🏾
  • 📄 Our ‘Covid-19 Impact in the Somali community’ features in this piece by @mohamedaali for the @Telegraph. Read the article 👉🏾 #UKSomalis #CoronavirusUK
  • 📄 We have endorsed this report along with @OxfamInSOM @NGOConsortium underlining the direct impact of diminishing remittances on loved ones in Somalia. Read the report by @lhammondsoas 👉🏾 #kahortagcorona #covid19 #uksomalis
  • 📄 Last week we launched the ‘Covid-19 Impact on the Somali community’ report. 🎥 We spoke to @HarareMohamed about the human stories behind the sobering Somali #Coronavirus statistics @BBCSomali Read the latest updates on the report 👉🏾 #UKSomalis
  • Inaalilahi wa ina ilayhin rajioon. Bana Ali, former basketball player who worked tirelessly to revive the national #Somali basketball industry. Bana joined us in 2016 (bottom left) to meet @AmbAmerico at ATM House. Rest in peace, Bana. #UKSomalis #COVID19
  • 📄 Our report on the impact of Covid-19 on the Somali community features in this piece for @AlJazeera Read the report here 👉🏾 #UKSomalis #CoronavirusUK
  • 🚨If you’re concerned about predicted grades please fill out this survey @ElaysNetwork
  • 🚨 Our newly published report concludes that the Coronavirus pandemic is having an extreme impact on British-Somali communities. 📄The report is endorsed by 27 Somali-led organisations across the U.K. Read the report 👉🏾 #UKSomalis #COVID19
  • 📻 “The move to shut down @RadioBarawe features in a familiar montage of discrimination, abuse and marginalisation of vulnerable communities from state and non-state actors.” Read our blog now👇🏾 @minorityrights @UN_SPExperts @hrw
  • Now is the most important time to work together to serve our respective communities. #InThisTogether
  • Looking forward to speaking with @hodansomali in a few short hours. #KaHortagCorona
  • 🚨 This is happening TODAY at 6pm GMT/ 8pm EAT. Tune in by following us on Instagram @movementatm
  • 🚨Fadlan nagala soo qeyb-gala Kulan wacyigalineed ee ku saabsan cudurka #COVID19 iyo sida looga hortagi karo. Waxaa marti noogu ah @hodansomali Agasimaha DSU. 🗓 Jimcada 17/04/2020 ⏰ 6:00pm Waqtiga UK 🗣 Wixii su’aalo aad ka qabtaan inoo soo dira Instagram @movementatm
  • 🤝Hanoolado Qabiilku 🤫 Haba sheegin Sinaan ⚖️Ha soo qaadin Cadaalad 👉🏾Laan gab ha iska jooga halkiisa 🧕🏾Haweena daa warkeeda 🚫Heybtii tiro leh ee halkaa dagan un baa Talineyso #StopQabyaaladda
  • ‘We also know that remittances are not equally distributed in #Somali society. They are concentrated within particular clans, lineages and extended families.’ @lhammondsoas @nmajid17 👇🏾
  • ✅ We’re registered for the webinar which kicks off at 2pm! Make sure you sign up at the link below and are ready to take notes. 📝 #coronavirus
  • Great work 👏🏾 @macwo2020
  • Inaaliahi wa ina ilayhin raji’oon. Our hearts are heavy tonight. Hudeydi was an icon to the Somali community around the world who gave so much to so many & will be dearly missed. In his memory, here is a clip from a 2015 fundraiser for drought victims in #Somalia.
  • The latest governance brief from @somalipubagenda addresses the operational challenges of current electoral models and clan dynamics for the 2021 elections. 🗳
  • 🚨 Must watch for all #Somali families in the UK. Particularly those with elder family members living with them. We’ll be tuning in to get all the facts, will you?
  • We are saddened to hear of Dr. Abdulkadir Ali Boolaay's death. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. He was an outstanding figure in #Somalia's struggle to independence during the 1940s, 50’s and 60’s. He will remain a constant source of pride and inspiration for many.
  • This year, we’re celebrating 10 years of advocating tolerance and inclusivity, bringing diverse groups together, and empowering young people to create real change in their communities. The journey doesn’t end here – read more:
  • Badbaadi naftaada iyo Tan Dadka kale 🙏🏾 #COVID19 #Kahortaggacovid19so
  • Allaha u naxariisto Ra'iisul wasaarihii hore ee Soomaaliya Nuur Cadde oo ku geeriyooday magaalada London. Nuur cadde ayaa soo noqday Ra’iisul Wasaare sanadihii 2007-2009 — Kaalin aan la halmaami karin ayuu ka soo qaatay dib uheshiisiinta iyo nabadaynta umadda Soomaaliyeed.
  • Inaalilahi wa ina ilayhin rajioon. We are saddened by the death of former Somali Prime Minister Nuur Cadde. Cadde was a statesman integral to Somalia’s peace building story and an avid supporter of ATM. Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends, families and colleagues.
  • Horrifying news from #Garowe. Our sincere condolences to his loved ones during this difficult time & prayers for a speedy recovery for all those injured. We will NEVER be cowed by terrorism & we must continue to stand united against this evil ideology. #Somalia
  • Guidelines set by the government during the COVID-19 outbreak. Let’s all follow the rules, stay at home and protect the NHS 🙏🏾
  • 🚨 Now is the time for us all to do our bit to keep one another safe. 🏠 ATM House will be closed until further notice. 👉🏾 Here’s how we’re coping with COVID-19. #InThisTogether
  • Great informative video with 7 ways to prevent Coronavirus in Somali. #KaHortaggaCOVID19SO
  • Happy International Women’s Day ~ Maalinta Haweenka Adduunka! 🌍 No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half its citizens.’ - @MichelleObama #IWD2020 #EachForEqual
  • 💫 We attended the Fifth AnnualFinale Dinner with @SYFIofficial! 📇 Our latest blog explores how civil society can engage grassroots youth initiatives like SYFI to promote shared goals. #SYFIFinale2020 @UNHCRSom @UNHCRUK @AMB_Affey @Africanrelieffu
  • 🚨 OPPORTUNITY ALERT 🚨 If you are a young person who wants to develop leadership skills and gain support on navigating you future, sign up for Lead and Be Led! You don't want to miss out on an amazing opportunity 🙌🏾 👉🏾 Click the link to sign up:
  • The award for ‘Best Collaborator’ goes to @StreetDoctors! 🤝 ⁣ The 2020 Awards celebrate organisations & young leaders who are building positive futures for young people at risk. 🏆 @London_cf ⁣@Bishara85 @Citibank #LondonImpactAwards
  • Our Senior Operations Manager @Bishara85 will be awarding the Best Collaboration award tonight for @London_cf #LondonImpactAwards 👏🏾
  • We spent some time at the @ArkSchools to share ways forward for effective schools-community partnerships in the education sector.📚 Panellists: @youngh_f @Iamfidow @ArkSwiftPrimary @IntoUniversity
  • Make sure you get tickets to the final showcase for the @The_verseclub !
  • Waa muhiim doorka dhalinyaradu ka qaadato, la dagaalanka arrimaha bulshada kala geeya sida qabyaalada.
  • Today, we held a small meeting with UN envoy James Swan focusing on the 2021 elections in #Somalia. Members of the #Somali diaspora representing young people, academics, women, marginalised groups and civil society. @UNSomalia #SomaliaDecides
  • Tomorrow, @UNSomalia SRSG to #somalia, James Swan will be discussing the 2021 Somali General Elections. Send us any questions you may have for him! #Somaliadecides
  • Well done to Munira, a Taekwondo star breaking barriers one kick at a time! @jawaabs @Fadumo_oo
  • It’s been a remarkable 10 years for the Anti-Tribalism Movement. Read this special piece by our staff to mark a decade of our work. #ATMis10