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Mogadishu Launches Initiative to Help the Needy During Ramadan

Ramadan is upon us, and here at ATM we’ve been inspired by the many acts of kindness and generosity from Muslims all over the world. As we reflect on our lives, Ramadan is a chance not only to give to those less fortunate, but to learn from examples of selflessness and sacrifice.

One such example is a community-wide campaign launched last month by Abdirahman Omar Osman, the Mayor and Governor of Mogadishu, aimed at supporting vulnerable people in his city during the holy period of Ramadan.

“According to the Islamic teachings, it is mandatory among Muslim communities to help one another by giving assistance for those in need of help,” he said in a press conference which unveiled the intervention.

He added that during the holy month of Ramadan “it is imperative to get our souls ready. And to plan to deliver aid and assistance to citizens in need who cannot afford to get breakfast food.”

Osman has teamed up with a host of stakeholders – from ordinary citizens to foreign embassies to companies that operate out of the business sector – to make this project come alive. They all think it’s important to help the needy during Ramadan too.

As we have now entered the holy month of Ramadan, the campaign has already started; the community groups and individuals taking part have started to raise the necessary funds and collect essential items, such as blankets and food, and distribute them amongst those in need. The campaign will continue until the Eid festivals, after Ramadan, begin.

“It is believed that the Somali people do help one another,” Osman insists. “They are willing to donate and deliver assistance to the needy among them. So, I’m taking this opportunity to send my appeal to those able to give to charity. Participate actively and generously in this campaign to reveal responsibility and humanity as a whole.”

“We commit to actively and transparently leading, organising, coordinating and facilitating the delivery of aid to the target populations. We also vow to offer a supportive role for any organisations or charities planning to do humanitarian interventions towards Ramadan Month in Mogadishu.”

Not only does this action serve to highlight the generous nature of the people of Mogadishu, but it shines a light on the power that people can yield when they get together with a shared purpose. It also allows us to reflect fittingly on what the holy month represents, and to have empathy for those around the world who are hungry and less fortunate than us.

 The quotes in this article were edited for length and clarity.

Featured image credit: USNews via Facebook