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An exciting new mentorship scheme for young Somalis in London has been formed to enable young Somalis to access a free mentor that can give them guidance and Support.

The scheme aims to empower young people aged between 16 and 25 in their educational pursuits while also exposing them to a network of positive Somali role models.

The initiative is being driven by ‘Uk Somalis’, cluster of young Somali advocates and campaigners based in London who initiated Iswada mentoring Scheme.

We believe that the Iswada mentorship project is a positive strategy for youth development and this is especially true for young Somalis as they lack access to positive role models and it could go a long way in building an engaging network of Somali young people and Somali working professionals in London.

if you want to join this fantastic initiative as a mentor and be among other highly esteemed individuals making a difference in the community kindly email them at iswadamentoring@gmail.com

To learn more about the Iswada Mentor Scheme or how to make contact with them, please visit their website: www.iswada.org.uk