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In the of time working closely with our community partners across the UK at the grassroots level, we have had the first-hand experience on the impact COVID-19 has had on the Somali community in the UK. It is within this context we have published a Policy Briefing report on COVID-19 during the height of this pandemic.

In partnership with Comic Relief and National Emergencies Trust, we have launched ATM Resilience Grants to help BAME voluntary sector to sustain core services and thrive in this new challenging environment we are all operating in.

After launching the ATM Resilience Grants we have received 115 applications from the BAME voluntary sector in the United Kingdom, after a rigorous selection process there was 34 successful organisations who have been awarded grants to assist them to sustain their core services and adapt to the impact of COVID-19.

What this grant has demonstrated is the shared volume of the vast challenges faced by numerous BAME voluntary sector organisations. We have been fortunate to receive high volumes of quality applications and the limited resources available to us meant that we had to support limited applicants this time around.

“This grant will support and sustain key services within the most vulnerable members of our societies and we hope this could be a precursor to the future model of assistance. “ Bishara Mohamud, Operations Manager, the Anti-Tribalism Movement.

“We intend to use this funding to build on our summer activities project and continue with our youth club activities after school. We want to ensure after months in lockdown that children and young people have a safe place to spend time with their friends, whilst also being active.“ – Intisar Yusuf from Elays Network, one of the recipients of ATM Resilient Grants.

“We are honoured to be the recipient of the ATM’s COVID-19 BAME RESILIENCE GRANTS. Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental disability and this grant will help us to continue our work in reaching out to the most vulnerable people in our communities.” – Hawa Osma, Director of Lets Unite For Autism (LUFA) recipient of ATM Resilient Grants.

The following organisations are the successful recipients of the ATM Resilient Grants.

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