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World Wellbeing Week 2022!

This week marks the 4th anniversary of World Wellbeing Week 2022. Held annually, this event celebrates different aspects of wellbeing such as physical, mental, emotional, financial,…

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Anti - Tribalism Movement (ATM)

  • ATM Summit 2021

    By using our convening power and grassroots knowledge, we recently brought together the leading community organisations, community leaders, interlockers, academic, young leaders, and practitioners across the UK to help add value and practical solutions that will have a measurable impact on the lives of the Somali community in the UK as well to discuss post-Covid19 community recovery.

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  • International Somali Awards ISA 2021

    The 6th International Somali Awards brought together talented Somalis to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Somalis from across the globe, from Sport, Tech, Education, the Arts, Business & Community Impact.

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  • ATM Young Leader’s Awards

    ‘Lead and Be Led’ is The Anti-Tribalism Movement’s flagship leadership programme. Over 60 young people have completed the programme to develop confidence, decision-making and critical thinking skills. We celebrated their hard work with a special awards ceremony to recognise their achievements with family and friends.

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  • Another successful Lead and Be Led workshop session with our young people!! We’re really looking forward to sharing their Social Action Campaign so stay tuned for updates! 🔥🙏🏾 @TNLComFund
  • We held another successful session for the ATM Housing Champions project! Get in touch to learn more about the project and join future workshops.
  • Calling young people in London! Our Youth Employability Officer is here to support you into employment. Book your time by emailing
  • Congratulations @Farahelahi on her new role as Interim Executive Director for @Pembroke1885 Good luck on this new endeavor!
  • 🫂 Aisha and Abdul are two young people currently developing their leadership skills by taking part in Lead and Be Led. They both share the lessons they have learnt from their most recent workshop session with us. Read below to see what they had to say 💭 @TNLComFund
  • Calling all young people aged 16-24! NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford is for you. We’re here to help you gain the self-belief and confidence you need to go after your dreams and get into good money habits. To find out more email
  • 📢We will soon be showing you who the member of our very first Youth Advisory Board are! Stay tuned.
  • Today we had another amazing Lead Be Led session with our young people, exploring time management and effective leadership 💪🏾💪🏾 @TNLComFund
  • 🚨 CALLING ALL YOUNG PEOPLE 🚨 We have a newsletter that shares a range of employment opportunities every two weeks! Be sure to sign up and build you professional portfolio by clicking the link below 👇🏾
  • Tonight we attended @young_ealing’s award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of young people, organisations and community members. It was a heart warming event and we are truly inspired 👏🏾🏆
  • Antisocial behaviour can heavily impact victims and we are committed to support those who are affected by it. 👤 If you or someone you know has been a victim of hate crime, please contact or call 07852176798 #ASBAwarenessWeek
  • Lead and Be Led alumni Sumaya shares her journey to a position of influence! She has been using her voice to advocate for young people’s needs and influence decision-making. We are excited to see what Sumaya does next!
  • Reminder 📢 The deadline for the ATM Youth Advisory Board is coming up soon! Limited spaces available. Make sure to not miss out on this opportunity, apply right here 👉🏾
  • Eid Mubarak from us at the Anti-Tribalism Movement! We hope you have a joyous day with your loved ones ✨#EidMubarak
  • Exciting news! We are setting up a Youth Advisory Board to integrate youth voices to our work and create a space for young people to advocate for their needs. Are you or someone you know interested? Apply by midnight Sunday 17th July 👉🏾
  • We’re delighted to have hosted and share our work with an inspiring group of senior leaders from across sectors, including CEOs, founders, heads of organisations who make significant transitions in their leadership. Thanks to @CommonPurpose for connecting us these leaders.
  • Another successful Lead & Be Led workshop with our young people! Today we covered confidence, challenges and hardships 💪🏾
  • In our latest blog post we share two of our young people’s journey to joining a Youth Advisory Board! We look forward to seeing Ayan and Khalid influence decision-making and advocate for their peers! 👉🏾
  • We are delighted to have been awarded funding through the #P2EProgramme, delivered by @London_cf with support from @jpmorgan. 🎉 This funding will help us to continue to support marginalised individuals in our community into #employment.
  • 🧘🏾‍♀️This week is World Wellbeing Week! It is so important for us to take care of ourselves. Read below for some helpful tips and click the link to read our latest blog post 📖 #WorldWellbeingWeek
  • We had the pleasure of celebrating the incredible work being done by our fellow grantees and leaders at the #P2EProgramme launch event, hosted by @AREtweets_, @ubeleinitiative and @London_cf, with support from @jpmorgan!
  • This year’s #RefugeeWeek focuses on healing. Healing allows us to move forward from painful events. Take advantage of the resources listed here, and remember to support those around you in their healing process.
  • Refugee Week is a celebration of the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. The theme for Refugee Week 2022 is Healing! #RefugeeWeek2022 🫱🏽‍🫲🏿
  • It has been 5 years since the Islamophobic terror attack at Finsbury Park Mosque which took one life and injured dozens. Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones🤲🏾
  • It was fantastic to host the team from @TNLComFund at our office. Our team members gave presentations on ATM Resilience Funding and the Lead and Be Led projects. Some of our young beneficiaries shared their journeys and positive experiences of the project.
  • 📽 Looking back at the highlights of the Lead and Be Led programme over the years. We are proud of all of our young leaders for their determination, teamwork and fantastic achievements. 👏🏾 @TNLComFund @phf_uk @thetudortrust
  • Today marks 5 years since the #Grenfell Tower Fire. This devastating fire took 72 members of our communities. We must always remember the victims of this tragedy and their families, and call for justice. #JusticeForGrenfell 💚
  • 🔍Take a look at some of the opportunities that were in our newsletter this week! Sign up to see the rest -> 📝 Can’t see anything you like? Contact for employment opportunities specific to your interests. Open to all aged 18-24!
  • 👬👭 As volunteer week comes to an end, we spoke with past and present volunteers on their experiences and why they believe we should all do our bit to give back to our communities. #volunteerweek #volunteers
  • Another week of Lead and Be Led! Our young leaders focused on confidence, identity and shared group values 🫂 Looking forward to watch their growth over the next weeks to come 🙌🏾 @TNLComFund
  • 🪧 Without tireless advocacy from dedicated members of the community, we wouldn't know who needs help. The unpaid work by our volunteers not only highlights issues that need to be addressed, but also allows others to come together to bring forward change. #volunteersweek2022
  • Happy National Volunteers Week! We are delighted to be celebrating Volunteer Week. We recognise the meaningful impact that different types of volunteering have had in the community and will showcase this throughout the week. #VolunteersWeek #VolunteersWeek2022
  • Congratulations @SafJama on your #MBE. We are so pleased to hear you have been recognised for your incredible service/contribution to the betterment of our communities and your unyielding commitment/dedication to the voluntary sector. Hambalyo
  • Today we joined @Dahabshil’s Mental Health Forum! A great event opening up discussions on such an important topic, let’s keep the conversation going #AanWadaHadalno #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
  • 📄NEW BLOG POST Check out our latest blog about Somalia’s presidential election! 👉🏾 Congratulations to President @HassanSMohamud 🎉 #Somalia #SomaliaElections2022
  • 📣We will soon be launching our Youth Advisory Board, it is a chance for young people to amplify their voices and to strengthen youth involvement in the community. Make sure you keep an eye out on our social media in the coming weeks!
  • 📰 We have launched our new bi-weekly youth employability newsletter! Sign up to access opportunities for 18-30 on all things employment: apprenticeships, trainings, placements, jobs, careers fairs and much more! Sign up here 👉🏾 so you don’t miss out!
  • This weeks Lead and Be Led session focused on Social Action Campaigns to prepare our young people for their very own social action project 🪧@TNLComFund
  • This morning we attended @LondonYouth’s Youth Employability Network. It was a great session full of knowledge sharing and networking!
  • 📢 Contact our Youth Employment Officer to access employment and a range of opportunities, also get support with CVs & Cover Letters, interview prep and more! Call 0203 588 1880 or email
  • Kicking off our Safety Awareness and Safety Session with @CST_UK this evening!
  • Lead and Be Led is back! We had our induction session with our new cohort. We’re looking forward to see how these fantastic young people will grow into leaders 🙏🏾
  • This week is Mental Awareness Week. The theme this year is loneliness! Read our tips to help manage loneliness 🫂 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #loneliness #IveBeenThere
  • 🚨NEW BLOG POST The achievements of all these newly elected and returning councillors is inspirational in their own right, but what’s even more inspiring is their ability to overcome obstacles and find success. Congratulations! Click here 👉🏾
  • ⛑ This week we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme this year is loneliness - a common issue that is not often spoken about. It is important that people look out for one another and engage in mindfulness! #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek2022 #Loneliness #IveBeenThere
  • Have a look at our recent Unite Summit policy brief which highlights the discussions and policy recommendations from the delegates. The summit focused on four thematic areas; mental health, employment, housing and education. You can read it here 👉🏾
  • 🥳Eid Mubarak from the ATM team! May this blessed day bring happiness and prosperity to everybody celebrating ✨ #EidMubarak
  • We’re visiting @Brightcentres today to recruit for Lead and Be Led! Our leadership programme kicks off again soon… make you sure you join our next cohort by signing up here! 📝➡️
  • This month's newsletter includes: 🥼Street Doctors workshop ✨Stephen Lawrence Day 📁Just Space Recovery Plan 👥 Young Leaders blog 👩🏻‍💻New Employability project 🏢 Book a Space at Culture House && much more! Subscribe here to stay in the loop -> ✅
  • Today we remember Stephen Lawrence & shine light to his legacy and the work of the Stephen Lawrence Foundation. The fight against racism, both overt and institutional, is far from over! @sldayfdn #stephenlawrenceday2022 #ALegacyOfChange
  • 🗣Calling all young people aged 16-24, our leadership programme is back and recruiting for its next cohort. Discover a range of skills such as confidence building, decision-making and campaigning! Sign up here->
  • 👩🏾‍💻We provide bespoke employment support for people aged 16-30. Get in touch with our employability officer to learn more and build your career! 📩
  • 📝NEW BLOG POST! Ayan details her experience on the Lead and Be Led programme as well as the impacts and insights from her cohort's social action campaign: #WeStandReady. Read the full blog here. ➡️
  • Thank you to @StreetDoctors for coming down to Culture House and teaching our young leaders how to help someone who has been involved in a knife injury. It was highly informative and left our young people with a new skill they can take with them outside 🩺🥼
  • This is huge! Congratulations @bushtheatre for your remarkable creativity and inspiring work 🎉
  • It’s unacceptable & upsetting that after finding the courage to report, these victims have been dismissed by authorities! @metpoliceuk are adamant about building trust & confidence in policing, however, it’s cases like these that damages community trust in the police. @MOPACLdn
  • Lead and Be Led is back! 📹Are you aged 16-24 and looking for an opportunity to develop your skills over the holidays? Make a difference by creating a social action campaign and gain exclusive access to a number of opportunities. 📧➡️
  • We are saddened by the fire at Waheen Market, Hargeisa, Somaliland. The financial institutions listed on the poster below, have made it accessible to anyone who wants to contribute towards helping those whose livelihoods were destroyed by the fire. Please donate if you can.
  • Ramadan⁠ ⁠is an opportunity for deep reflection, spiritual connection, peace & patience. Ramadan Mubarak to our staff, volunteers, our members & our supporters ✨
  • One of our local residents is missing. If you know anything please contact the details below 🙏🏾
  • Had a great dinner with our young leaders to celebrate the success of their social action campaign! 🥳