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ATM Women Celebrate International Women’s Day

Today marks International Women’s Day across the world and we at the Anti-Tribalism Movement brought together a phenomenal group of women (and men) to come together at ATM House to celebrate. Through our work to tackle tribalism, we explored how this issue directly affects women’s opportunities in our communities across the world.

The theme this year was to promote increased gender balance in all spaces for women across the world using the hashtag #BalanceforBetter.

Audience listening to the panel discussion

Our keynote speaker Hanna Ali, is an author who recently published her debut short story of The Story of Us which is a unique collection of short stories which capture the unspoken tensions, hopes, and wishes of displaced people –, especially women.

Hana Ali reading an excerpt of her book titled: ‘The Story of Us’.

Our panelists included well known anti-FGM campaigner Hibo Wardere, ITV Central News journalist Awo Tarabi and Oxfam campaigner Sagal Bafo. We discussed gender balance from British-Somali perspectives and the conversation addressed racism, sexuality, and poverty.

Hiba Wardhere
Our panelists Awo Tarabi and Sagal Bafo

We talked about Substantive Equality in the workforce through different employment initiatives such as the Media Trust’s Breaking in to News scheme. We shared thoughts on the impact of Unpaid Care work and amplifying women’s voices in the digital sphere such as UNESCO’s #Wiki4Women.

Two of the panelists with the host of the discussion

Ayan Aden shared a poignant spoken word poem titled The Ultimate Sacrifice. Her poem celebrates the story of Somali woman and mother shunned from her community for defying toxic social norms.

Ayan Aden performing her poem titled ‘The ultimate sacrifice’.

We have an exciting array of programmes at the Anti-Tribalism Movement intended to promote women’s leadership and equal opportunity. The Lead and Be Led programme which has secured meaningful employment for young women and men in London as well as Jawaab which covers hidden and important women’s stories from our communities.

We would like to wish all of our amazing supporters a happy International Women’s Day for 2019!