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World Wellbeing Week 2022!

This week marks the 4th anniversary of World Wellbeing Week 2022. Held annually, this event celebrates different aspects of wellbeing such as physical, mental, emotional, financial,
communal and environmental. It’s an extremely important part of livelihood, and with good
maintenance, will allow for a healthy state of mind. A lack of attention to wellbeing can
negatively impact the state of a person’s health and overall happiness.

Wellbeing is defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. Factors that risk individual’s neglecting their wellbeing include socio-economic disadvantages, poor mental and
physical health, and stressful environments. However, the NHS have provided 5 steps proven to improve your mental wellbeing, these are:

  1. Connecting with other people by maintaining your personal importance of good
  2. Being physically active, which is a powerful tool to improve mental and physical health.
  3. Learning new skills to help boost confidence and self esteem.
  4. Giving back to others and creating a positive feeling and atmosphere.
  5. Paying attention and being present to showcase mindfulness and engagement.

The unprecedented nature of Covid-19 meant that people worldwide had to adapt their mental
and physical state, which was a massive challenge for most. By being secluded in a small
environment, forced to stay, study and work from home, people’s resilience and ability to
maintain their wellbeing became a challenge and for the most vulnerable, a difficulty
exacerbated by the quarantine. Despite the rapid change, organisations and communities
mobilised and showed determination to advocate for the wellbeing of others, by digitally
connecting with each other, sharing their experiences, and finding ways to manage their
loneliness. Organisations also delivered support during the pandemic for communities who
needed financial, emotional and asset based support. The Anti-Tribalism Movement disbursed
£432,000 to Horn of Africa led organisations to enhance their services during the pandemic.

There are various ways to get involved in World Wellbeing Week: reconnect with friends and
family, travel and explore outdoors, engage in learning new skills, and engage with your
physical and mental state of mind. Here at the Anti-Tribalism Movement, we celebrate all the
different types of wellbeing and recognise the importance of positive mental health in society.
We offer support and guidance to our staff and service users to hopefully make a difference with people in the community.

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