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World Teachers Day 2021

Teachers are the absolute backbone and most valuable members of our society – they are not only responsible for imparting knowledge to future generations but also shape up our society and life skills from which leaders are crafted. They equip students of all ages with the right tools and knowledge to  excel in society.  They also provide emotional and practical support and act as role models to students while at the same providing students of all ages with the right tools and knowledge to excel in society.  Education is a fundamental human right and teachers are essential for the advancement of a modern, problem-solving society, so we celebrate the role they play and their important contribution to society appreciated them! 

Here at ATM, we pride ourselves knowing that we also in a way share the same responsibility as teachers, in trying to help young people shape their future or reach their full potential. We do this knowing that encouraging confidence and developing leadership skills in young people will ultimately change the way young people are perceived.

You may ask how we do this? 

With the support of project facilitators at ATM, we are able to provide leadership training for young leaders to become role models and advocates for social change in their communities and wider society.

We run a youth-led project entitled Lead and Be Led which aims to equip young people  aged 16-24 with the skills they need to become leaders in their local communities and empower them to work with others to set up positive and meaningful social action projects that can make a real, tangible difference on them and their communities. You can find out more by clicking here. 

You can visit our website to learn more about how we encourage young people through dialogue, and education and also the range of programmes and workshops we offer. We will continue to inspire and shape the young minds that will help shape our future. 

We would like to wish all teachers a lovely World Teacher’s Day!