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The Significance of Youth Social Action

Social action is the act of mobilising communities to empower, encourage and raise awareness on various social issues. It is about identifying community problems and pushing for the well-being of individuals and groups. The establishment of the Anti-Tribalism Movement is an example of social action, as ATM was founded with the goal of combatting prejudice/discrimination and promoting tolerance and fairer societies. 

Our flagship youth leadership programme ‘Lead and Be Led’ was developed for young people aged 16-24 to equip them with the skills they need to become leaders in their local communities and empower them to work with others to set up positive and meaningful social action projects that can make real, tangible differences in them and their communities. We learnt how youth social action not only creates change in communities but provides young people to develop their confidence, team working skills and communication and gives them the right skills and experience to help them transition into further education, training or employment. I have seen firsthand how ATM have transformed the lives of young people, empowering them to become leaders in their local communities.

Additionally, it is essential for young people to engage in social action because it will follow them in the future, may it be achievements or discovering skills that can be applied later in life. Lead and Be Led has provided young leaders with the necessary tools to build influential social action projects, such as critical thinking, public speaking, pitch writing and honing on creative skills. We hope that many young people are aware of the life-changing impact social action can have on many, and we will continue to encourage the development of future leaders. 

We are currently recruiting for our next cohort of young leaders to join Lead and Be Led. To join, sign up here, or email yasmin.moalin@theatm.org