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Somaliland, Democratic spirit on display

Today is a great day for the people of Somaliland who come together to choose a leader in the spirit of democracy, peace and shared purpose.

This is a good story that needs to be encouraged as a beacon for recovery/relative progress and stability. Given the little resources available at their disposal Somaliland is punching above their weight and striving towards a robust democracy and good governance. In a region that historically suffered from a democratic deficit, it is encouraging and forward-looking to see our brothers and sisters striving to work hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder with confidence and purpose.

This historic election has already raised positive eyebrows all over the continent by showcasing the use of technology as a means of making the election process democratic, transparent and progressive.

This is a clearly a new dawn for the people of Somaliland to cement their place as a genuinely democratic society. We are wishing all our supporters, members and friends in Somaliland a free, fair and peaceful election. May the force of success be with you all.