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The Somalia Elections: Progress Through Peace

With the elections in Somalia just around the corner, there is no better time to call on Somalis to come together in the spirit of peace and justice in every corner of the country as one collective striving to work hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder and thrust Somalia into a new dawn.

It is unfortunate that Al-Shabaab extremists want to disrupt this process and deny their countrymen a better future. They are hell bent on using the occasion to spread more chaos and destruction without any remorse. They have warned Somalia’s traditional elders against taking part in the elections, threatening them with “an iron hand” of death and destruction.

This fragile state of affairs desperately needs solutions to the challenges faced of poverty, conflict and corruption. And as the UN observed on the International Day of Peace last week, only a sustained period of peace and stability can “liberate the resources needed for societies to develop and prosper”.

Somalia needs the support of its countrymen everywhere. By working together, we can start step by step to ensure cases of tribalism are confronted and unravelled. Our Somali community in places like Minnesota are already coming together to stand firmly against terror attacks and hate crime. From here in the UK, we can have an impact too and draw inspiration from our colleagues across the pond.

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