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“The Role of the Youth in Rebuilding Somalia”.

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On Saturday 16th May 2015 Scholars Forum for Active Vision (MAAN) in partnership with the Anti-Tribalism Movement hosted an intellectual debate about “The Role of the Youth in Rebuilding Somalia”.
The Forum brought together more than 50 youth activists working on various issues to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Somali Youth League (SYL), a group that played a key role in the nation’s road to independence during the 1950s and 1960s.
The session intended to highlight the role of the Somali youth in SYL era during the struggle for independence and how today’s youth can play their part in rebuilding their country. Priority and special consideration were given to the youth and their role in the implementation of the Somali script.

The participants welcomed the frank and positive discussions, and agreed on the set of following actions to be implemented: 

  • To re-establish the Somali Youth National Assembly to provide young people exclusive significance and taking advantage of their talents, ideas, knowledge and energy. In addition to work with all stake holders that are interested in working with young people.
  • To organise and host a national consultation conference which recognises issues around the Somali youth.
  • To create a platform for young people where they can discuss and debate about the challenges they are faced as youth. It is a way of forming awareness and educational programs at local and national level with particular attention given to rebuilding the country with a focus on employment, sanitation, peace and security of Somalia. That platform can lead to intellectual debates which can be shared with the Somali Federal Government, stake holders and international agencies that work with young people in Somalia.


  • The Government institutions and businesses to play a key role in finding a common ground to create jobs for young people and to inspire them in promoting their knowledge and skills from the ground up.
  • To support and give recommendations to the Somali Ministry of Sports & Youth on how to address youth challenges in sports development.
  • The Somali Ministry of Sports and Youth to start the renovation process of Mogadishu Stadium which can host peace and sports events, league games as well advancing the level of professional young footballers and athletes at national level.
  • To encourage young people to stay away from tribalism and its associates.
  • To involve young people in the decision making process, such as to review the Somali constitution and other important issues.