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Recognition for volunteers – PRESS RELEASE.


Wednesday, 27th July 2016

Recognition for volunteers

Anti-Tribalism Movement have recently achieved the Investing in Volunteers Quality Standard, recognising its excellent work with its volunteers.

Investing in Volunteers is unique in that it is the only standard that focuses on volunteers. It is based on four areas of volunteer management; planning for volunteer involvement, recruiting volunteers, selecting and matching volunteers and supporting and retaining volunteers.

Anti-Tribalism Movement was assessed against a range of best practice standards and proved to excel in all aspects of working with its volunteers.

“Achieving the Investing in Volunteers standard has been of enormous benefit to Anti-Tribalism Movement. We are now much more confident about our procedures and are able to offer our volunteers more consistent support. As an organisation the onus is on us to ensure their contribution is recognised, valued and well supported – and such a quality mark and its assessment process is enabling us to discover new ways of reaching these goals.” Yusuf Dirir, Volunteers Manager

Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for all organisations involving volunteers. Investing in Volunteers aims to improve the quality of the volunteering experience for all volunteers and for organisations to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by volunteers.

Safia Ahmed, Board of Trustees of Anti-Tribalism Movement commented: “We are delighted and extremely proud that we have promoted and developed the UK quality standard for volunteer management, Investing in Volunteers. ATM has been successful in providing a framework for involving volunteers that delivers key benefits: it demonstrates our organisation’s commitment and good practice; increases our volunteer’s motivation, enhances their experience and encourages more people to get involved with the variety of volunteer roles that are on offer within the organisation.”

Further information about the Standard can be found on www.investinginvolunteers.org.uk.

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Notes to editors

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Email: Abdirachid.fidow@theatm.org

The Anti-Tribalism Movement is a non-profit organisation aimed at educating and raising awareness about the effects of tribalism within communities. The ATM’s vision and track record is based on a cohesive and dynamic society where every person’s opinion is valued regardless of clan, gender or political belief.