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Our young people take part in NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford!

NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford is a youth led and youth informed programme, based on face-to- face time with youth workers and mentors. Every activity has been developed by the National Youth Agency and then refined based on feedback from the three foundation youth clubs in the pilot. Every child’s experience is be different and their experiences are built into the programme to acknowledge and celebrate individual milestones, learning and successes. Without basic financial education, children and young adults will incur immense difficulties to manage their finances effectively and will face the risk of financial disaster through pitfalls including high debt, bad credit, and lack of savings.

Over the past two months, young people at Anti Tribalism Movement took part in interactive, discussion-based sessions designed to broaden their horizons, cultivate their confidence and give them a grounding in how money works. The programme focused on three strands, Owning your Vision, Money Mindset and Money Talk all which helped in our quest to financial literacy.

Our young people ranged from ages 16-24 and came across from all over London. The interactive workshops helped create the change in our young people’s decision making with money but also provided the ability for young people to develop their confidence, team working skills and communication giving them the right skills and experience to help them transition into further education, training or employment. Our final workshop was filmed by Think Beyond allowing the young people to feedback on their experiences during the programme.

One of the participants, Najib (17) shared that “before the programme, I never really thought financial literacy was a thing, having completed it I now perceive money in a whole different aspect”.

We found that today’s generation of young people learn best when faced with real, relevant and meaningful scenarios all of which was incorporated in the programme through the various modules we undertook. We want to congratulate our young people who took part this year and look forward to our new cohort next summer!