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National Volunteering Week

Volunteering with the Anti-Tribalism Movement has proved to be a successful journey. The work environment has been extremely inclusive and flexible. I was able to drift between roles which definitely helped in developing my skills and knowledge. My favourite thing about ATM is the inclusivity –  being welcomed and having that instant warmth towards new staff and volunteers. Since volunteering here, I have made an identifiable improvement in my confidence, work ethic, and professionalism. Moving forward, the skills I have developed at ATM will regale in the career path I choose to pursue. Being able to communicate with people of all ages and having a consciousness of professionalism when approaching them is a necessary skill that will be embedded in my future.

This is important as developing a strong work ethic is a skill required in all fields, the assertiveness in work ethic builds confidence and encourages responsibility and meeting objectives in a timely manner. Volunteering has both demonstrated and strengthened my dedication to meet certain criteria and goal. 

 I have learnt what it means to be compliant with a set of requirements and though at times I would feel challenged, it taught me that to develop further as a person and achieve the targets set for myself, I would have to continue pushing myself even when I feel challenged. 

Furthermore, I learnt that the values of the  Anti-Tribalism Movement are built on to support the community and make a real difference. One of the core values of ATM that resonates with my experience volunteering is commitment. That resilience to push through and be confident in my ability to complete and commit to a task allows me to flourish in the organisation. 

Volunteering has been necessary for my development and is something that I would encourage all young people to do! 

 Written by our volunteer Kaltun Ahmed.