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Lead and Be Led Alumni in Positions of Influence

One of the Anti-Tribalism Movement’s objectives is producing young leaders. We achieve this through our Lead and Be Lead programme. In Lead and Be Led, young BAME people develop new personal, developmental, professional and leadership skills. The young people on the programme also benefit from the Youth Employability Officer who supports them in accessing a wide range of opportunities. Recently, ATM’s Youth Employability Officer worked with two young people to place them in positions of influence. Both young people were successful in joining the Youth Advisory Board for the Youth Action Alliance (YAA). Ayan Hussein and Khalid Mohamud will be amplifying young people’s voices alongside learning new skills, shaping projects, and working with the YAA leadership team.

Hear from the young people themselves!


Ayan Hussein, 16:

Before joining the lead and be led cohort, I struggled with my time management and organisation, however I was able to hone these skills through the sessions and the social action campaign we organised! During the engagement pitch sessions, I learnt about the importance of communication and enabled me to improve my public speaking skills. I had the role of project lead during the social action campaign, which enhanced my leadership skills, and I was able to utilise the new skills I had learnt during the previous sessions. After the cohort, the youth employability officer and I worked closer together and I was made aware of the opportunity to be on a Youth Advisory Board! I then had an interview with the organiser and shared my experience of the lead and be lead programme alongside the social action campaign. I am now a member of the board, with the aim to advocate for young people’s voices and recognise the changes young people feel are needed within their communities.


Khalid Mohamud, 17:

Prior to joining the lead and be led cohort, I had trouble staying organised and speaking publicly, but thanks to these sessions and the social action campaign we planned, I was able to improve these skills and develop new skills. During our social action campaign, I was assigned as the event host, which really helped with improving my public speaking skills. After the cohort, I had many different connections to get different experiences which ultimately led me to be part of a youth advisory board with the help of the youth employability officer. Now I can use the skills that lead and be led helped improve and use them to influence decisions for younger people in London.


We look forward to the impact that Ayan and Khalid will have in this role and beyond!

If you, or someone you know is interested in something similar, contact the Youth Employability Officer at amal.sabrie@theatm.org