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International Somali Awards 2017 Nominees: Best Entertainment

The International Somali Awards 2017 is coming to London in March, and we’d love you to get involved! As the countdown to the Awards begins, we’re running a series of blogs focusing on the nominees.

Remember, everyone can vote for the person or business they think deserves to win. So let’s celebrate the achievements of the Somali community together!

Category Focus: Best Entertainment Award

Amaal Nuux

Amaal Nuux is a Somali-Canadian singer-songwriter based in Toronto. Her music is a captivating mix of fine-tuned vocals and moving melodies and is recognised for its socially conscious themes. She was born in Mogadishu. Her songs have gone viral on social media, helping take her sound and her message to a global audience.

Sooraan and Jawaan

Sooraan and Jawaan are a comedy double act based in Somaliland. They travel throughout the country performing street comedy with subtle social messages to society. Sooraan and Jawaan use entertainment and storytelling to bring about social change and through their films, street performances and stage plays they endeavour to broadcast their message to the global Somali audiences to shift attitudes and change behaviours.

Ahmed Naaji Sacad

A living legend, Ahmed’s iconic voice and stature has been shining since the 1960s and is still going strong today. He has travelled the world sharing music about love, tolerance, peace and patriotism. Ahmed is one of the most prominent and cherished of Somali artists. He creates memorable songs which discuss Somali identity and promote peace.

The Awards invites you to vote for who you think should win. Organisers point out that the shortlisted nominees have no association with any negative tribalistic activity and have a respectable and honourable reputation within our community. Therefore, they encourage you to vote for the individuals and entities that you think are worthy of winning the award.

ATM is proud to sponsor this year’s Awards, which will take place on 15th March 2017 in London.

Happy voting!