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A distinctive moment in history.

The Anti-Tribalism Movement would like to send it’s sincerest congratulations to Ilhan Omar and her family for winning the Democratic vote for Minnesota state legislature. If she wins the election in November, she will become the first Somali-American woman lawmaker in the United States and with a fantastic and hard working team behind her, we are sure she will accomplish this feat.

Ilhan Omar is a true role model of strength and success for the millions of young Somalis especially for Somali girls, both back home and in the Diaspora as a whole.

Working with Ilhan for the last few years has given us great insight into her life, personality, work and campaign and she has faced numerous challenges and we witnessed her strength and courage to overcome those challenges with respect, tolerance, compassion, compromise and understanding and these are the fundamental skills of leadership.

We wish her a successful tenure and hope to see her instil a positive mark within the communities in Minneapolis and the wider Somali community as a whole .

Thank you for inspiring us all.

Anti-Tribalism Movement
Public Communications Team