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The world has been forced to come to a grinding halt. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected communities and societies across the world. Our community here at the Anti-Tribalism Movement has felt the impact of COVID19 too. At the Anti-Tribalism Movement, we have taken the threat of COVID-19 very seriously and have put immediate measures in place to protect the health and safety of our staff and beneficiaries.

According to the World Health Organisation, the COVID-19 virus is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. It typically affects the respiratory system and can be prevented by washing hands regularly and social distancing. We’re understanding the risks posed by the virus day-by-day and have been following government guidelines on what we should be doing to protect staff and service users.

Our centre has unfortunately been closed from the 16th March and our team has been asked to work from home. Our programmes which support young people, families and local residents have also had to be postponed or delivered online where possible. All of our forthcoming events and engagements have been postponed until further notice.

We are currently undertaking an in-depth assessment of the short and long-term impact that COVID-19 will have on our organisation in terms of service delivery and organisational finances. We plan to share these impacts and wider COVID-19 adaptation process with the wider charity sector.

Our service users here in the UK have been concerned with burial rights in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted that the UK Government has vowed to amend the current Coronavirus bill to prevent cremation against families’ wishes. We continue to monitor developments in all Somali regions. Despite only one reported case of Coronavirus in Somalia, we are committed to work with groups on the ground to ensure that help reaches the most vulnerable.

COVID-19 is the centre of every conversation at the moment. It is our hope that you are maintaing your health by following rules on social-distancing and protecting mental health where possible. We are very proud of how quickly our team has adapted to this new working situation and how everyone has pulled together to make it as seamless as possible. If you require further information about how we’re dealing with the coronavirus please subscribe to our mailing list here.