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Be Kind to Humankind

This week we celebrate Be Kind to Humankind week! Spreading kindness offers the opportunity to connect with others; building a stronger sense of community and unity with friends, family, neighbours and even strangers. This is something that everybody is entitled to in their lifetime. With raging wars and politics affecting lives on a daily basis, people need acts of kindness, whether it be donating to charity, participating in raising awareness or even if it’s basic as being kind to a stranger. Random acts of kindness can change someone’s day, or even change their perception about something. Here at ATM, we have launched a fellowship to help combat social inequality by providing education for the most marginalised members of society in Somalia. Donating to this cause is a small act of kindness that has wide reaching positive effects all around the world. You can find out more about the fellowship here.

Small acts of kindness to spread love in society are important for this society to keep people grounded. This makes people realize that there are other people living in this world besides them. Being kind is also crucial to community engagement and raising awareness for problems and issues that may differ from our own. Here at ATM, our lead and be led programme takes place throughout the year with young people aged between 16-24. This is where they learn to build ideas and relationships amongst other important things that can help shape them to be the best version of themselves. In this programme, the young people take part in social action campaigns to better their local communities and become leaders. This year, our young people are starting a podcast on homelessness entitled ‘The Invisible Class’ to facilitate discussions surrounding the vulnerable.

With many people being displaced from their homes, whether it be due to war, politics or natural disasters, they need a helping hand. Future generations will look back on difficult times such as these and take note. In order for the world to adapt and change, it is by people spreading more kindness around every square inch of the world and to those who need it the most. At the ATM, we believe in the importance of kindness no matter how big or small the act. We find new and innovative ways to help combat hate crimes and spread positivity. One of the ways in which we do this is through our programme SAVAH: Supporting and Advocating for Victims Against Hate. This is our dedicated hate crime service that helps support the Somali community by providing emotional support, practical support, and help build networks of support. We also spread awareness about a wide range of topics. To support SAVAH or report a hate crime, you can click here to read more about this programme.