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ATM visits Ark

It could be said that a measure of how well a society is developing can be measured against how well its communities are thriving. We participated in a lunch-time panel discussion with Ark on the 10th February to talk about how our youth initiatives are giving back to the local community. Our Advocacy and Policy Programme Manager Abdirachid Fidow was featured on the panel alongside Lizzie Boyce (Senior Philanthropy Manager at Into University); Gareth Dixon (CEO Young Hammersmith and Fulham Foundation); John Prenderville (COO West London Zone) and chaired by Daniel Upfield (Principal, Ark Swift Primary Academy).

From Left: Gareth Dixon, Abdirachid Fidow, Daniel Upfield, Lizzie Boyce and John Prenderville.


“Just where you’re born in this borough will define the experiences (both positive and negative) that you will have not just as a child and teenager but in your adult life.”

Panellists engaged with the audience on a number of key topical points exploring the opportunities within current educational approaches to meet the needs of young people in the borough. Barriers to effective partnerships between schools and the families of students is largely caused by extreme deprivation. One panellist described how mis-steps in communication and deep mistrust have also contributed to a feeling of being “done to” as opposed to being “worked with” from vulnerable families.

Participants explored how non-profits, like the Anti-Tribalism Movement, could help to facilitate this space through tailored interventions and assure schools of their ability to deliver on the gaps experienced by schools and the community at large. Ark prides itself on partnership working and aims to develop an essential understanding of neighbouring communities to guide its educational strategy.

If you are interested in working with us on our leadership programmes or a young person who would like to participate – email us at info@theatm.org.