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ATM receives London’s Faith & Belief Community Awards

The Anti-Tribalism Movement received an award from The Faith & Belief Community Awards in recognition of the work that our charity is doing to inspire young people. The ceremony took place at the Royal Society of Medicine Headquarters in London and members of staff were present to receive the Inspiring Youth Award on behalf of ATM from Sir Ken Olisa, Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Greater London’s Council on Faith.

Bishara Mahamudand Fadumo Yussuf receiving the award on behalf of ATM

ATM continues to deliver many youth projects and services that are made by and for young people. We also know first-hand the impact that the spike in anti-social behaviour affecting young Somali men in London is having on our community. This award also recognised our ‘Quit Knives Saves Lives Desistance Programme’ which provides mentoring support to young Somali men reaches out to parents and families of young people engaged in offending behaviour and brings together impacted victims to seek dialogue.

The Deputy Mayor for Social Integration, Debbie Weekes-Bernard was also present declaring how proud she was to be the Deputy Mayor of a city where diversity is not just tolerated but celebrated and embraced. She said, “I am proud to be the Deputy Mayor of a city where diversity is not just tolerated but CELEBRATED. We will continue to champion everything you do to make London, the greatest city in the world.”

Deputy Mayor for Social integration, Debbie Weekes-Bernard

The awards were created in 2017 to celebrate and recognise the vital work of local communities in making London a more welcoming place for people of all faiths and beliefs. In 2017, the Forum celebrated 40 projects with awards of £500.

Bishara Mohamud, who received the award on behalf of ATM said: “This award is a testament to our fantastic work and the progress we have made over the past years. We hope it will encourage more organisations, state institutions, and policy-makers to look closely at our holistic approach to supporting young people in difficulty. Young people are very much at the heart of all our projects. Young people are very much at the heart of all our projects.”

Dheg Aidid, Chair of Anti-Tribalism Movement Trustees Board said: “I am enormously proud of The Anti-Tribalism Movement’s achievement. This award is for and about our young people to become positive leaders and participate in their local community. ”