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We are 7

We are 7!

It’s hard to believe that seven years have gone by since a small but committed group of individuals met on a wet winter’s evening in West London to come up with a plan to raise awareness of the challenges that Somalis were facing. We were sick to death that tribalism was tearing our home country of Somalia apart.

We have come a long way since then! In fact, we are overjoyed that from our humble beginnings we now have over 140,000 members – each and every one of them determined that the disease of tribalism is eliminated from Somalia as well as the global Somali diaspora.

It’s not been easy at times, but as we celebrate our seventh birthday and look back at our achievements over the years, there’s much that we are proud of yet there’s still a long way to go.

We created so much noise that we’ve been heard and have met with the US government, UK government, the Canadian government, European Union and the United Nations. This enabled us to advise them about some of the issues the Somali community faces around the world.

We initiated the International Somali Awards to celebrate the success of Somalis and to promote a more positive image of Somalis. We also continued to host workshops and seminars aimed at countering tribalism and since our founding, we have hosted and facilitated 104 seminars across the world. Recently, we sponsored 21 scholarships at SOAS, which aimed to create future leaders who can become ‘bridgeheads’ enabling other Somalis to follow in their footsteps.

Perhaps most importantly we’ve brought young people together and have given them hope to contribute to a better tomorrow by delivering leadership training and allowing their voices to be heard.

Our mission is not over yet. We will not rest until Somalis learn to live in harmony with one another, whether that is here in the diaspora or in Somalia.

So if you want to help us celebrate our 7th birthday, please make a contribution to a better Somalia so we can carry on making a difference and changing lives for the better.
If you would

like to watch some key highlights of our achievements over the years, please watch the video below.