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It is that time of the year again when we open our hearts to the world by celebrating our birthday.

Six years ago young and innocent but fearless youngsters came together and stood shoulder to shoulder in union to embark on a audacious task to eradicate tribalism from this world. Bridges were built and mountains were raised journeying around the United Kingdom and the world over to educate the masses on the dangers of living a life dictated by tribal connotations. There have been many hurdles and challenges we have faced over the years, but the most vivid impact was when we were faced with a situation of being affected by tribalism first hand and how we dealt with this task.

A bystander once approached us to explain how he lives his life based on tribalism for he believed it was the right thing and the ONLY way he knew in applying judgement on others based on their tribe. We decided to invite the man to one of our monthly sessions where we brought together many people whose lives were destroyed by tribal hatred. After a while he agreed to attend one of the sessions and was blown away by not only the stories he heard, but also the humanity in the stories. He left the group with a sense of belonging but more so a shame by how he lived and how many lives he impacted in the wrong way. The experience taught us an important life lesson, in order to seek out the humanity in people, it required diligence and compassion. Having a shared life with a homogenous way of life, help shape the person who can become.

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The work we do impacts many day in day out but our work does not stop there, it lives in all of us. We all have the power to change not only ourselves but infect the ones in our lives with positivity that is contrived from loving one another. Anti-Tribalism Movement needs your continuous engagement for the foreseeable future as we cannot build bridges without the most important tool, human collaboration.

The growth and success of Anti-Tribalism Movement is largely dependent on having a strong support from commuted individuals such as yourself, and we recognize the contribution you make in helping us maintain the position we are in delivering our objectives. We are hoping that your unwavering support will remain with us for many years to come to see a bright future for our people affected by tribalism and many other social problems.