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What is VISION 2016?

Somalia has faced considerable challenges in its gradual transition to democracy, in 2012 Somalia adopted a new Provisional Constitution and held its first elections in the country since civil war broke out in 1991. In 2013, Somali federal government set out political framework entitled “Vision 2016” which is supposed to be the vehicle for taking the country for one-person-one vote elections in 2016;  yet, all indications are that here is a little time left to deliver on the priorities set out in Vision 2016; therefore, we invited some of the most vocal and active members of the Somali Parliament to discuss Vision 2016 and the Challenges inherent in this vision.
Panellists include:
  • MP Hon. Fowzia Yusuf H. Adam
  • MP Hon. Abdurahman Hosh Jibril
  • MP Hon. Mohamud Gure
  • MP Hon . Abdullahi Jama.

Light refreshments will be provided and please confirm your attendance as soon as you can by emailing at Abdirachid.fidow@theatm.org .

Disclaimer: The event will be filmed and it will be in Somali.

This event is held in association with Act For Somalia.


ATM event (MP's) 8.0