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The Status of Jerusalem: Israel-Palestine and the prospect of peace

With 2017 marking the hundred-year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, discussing the prospect of peace between Israelis and Palestinians, unfortunately, remains as topical as ever. For our seventh Community Questions event, we have invited key speakers – including the former UK Consul General to Jerusalem and the Occupied Palestinian Territories – to speak about this sensitive topic and answer any questions you – the community – may have.

This event will briefly mention the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict and of Jerusalem, explaining changes in the city’s status over time and noting the city’s importance to Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities alike. We will then hear more about the current prospect of peace, discussing whether the recent decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem has altered this in any way. Finally, we will hear about the many ways in which we can support the groups working tirelessly to care for those affected by the conflict and to secure lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians

Please book your tickets by following this link: https://tinyurl.com/ybeoapkf

For more information, please contact: 07825 904 191