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‘Somali Investment Forum: Returning Capital for Growth’

Shuraako invites you to attend a special meeting for Somali diaspora to be held on November 22, 2014 at Kings College, Waterloo Campus. In anticipation of the Somali Investment Forum (SIF): Returning Capital for Growth, (described below) hosted by Shuraako and the US Embassy, the London diaspora meeting will provide an advance overview of the SIF, highlight investment opportunities, and solicit investors to attend and pledge capital. Somali-based businesses seeking capital will be invited to pitch their investment request at the Forum directly to investors. We will also provide an overview of likely participants (i.e., investors, partners, financial firms, etc.). The SIF will provide an excellent opportunity for networking.

Forum Overview: The Somali Investment Forum: Returning Capital for Growth (March 8-10, 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya), will bring together diaspora investors/entrepreneurs, local Somali entrepreneurs, and sources of investment capital for a 2 ½ day event. Day 1 Breakout sessions will explore sector specific opportunities and needs and offer a trade show for participants. Day 2 will culminate in a ‘pitch ring’ where investors hear business presentations with the option to issue letters of interest and begin due diligence.

Shuraako has secured an initial pledge of $100,000 investment capital which will act as a matching fund for local financial institutions, diaspora investors, impact funds, and others. An additional four investors have issued verbal commitments of $100,000 each and indications are that SIF commitments could well exceed $1million (USD).  Shuraako has begun a grass roots promotion of the SIF in country with dozens of local entrepreneurs working on business plans to present.

SIF discussions will be framed in terms of contribution to the ‘Entrepreneur Ecosystem’.  Preset panels will address elements of the Ecosystem through a presentation format, while breakout discussions will allow participants to interactively identify common needs that stand to provide guidance to policy makers.

All Somali diaspora are invited to attend this event. RSVP to SIF@shuraako.org with the heading “London”. Further information on Shuraako can be found atwww.shuraako.org; SIF information can be found at www.shuraako.org/sif .

Please bring a personal ID.