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Somali Community Public Meeting.

Join us on Wednesday March 18th, 17.30 – 20.00 at at a Public Meeting at Camden Town Hall to discuss with a panels of journalists, local government and Metropolitan Police staff how to work together to resolve issues affecting the Somali community.

For too long the media has illustrated all that is ‘going wrong’ in the Somali community. In autumn of 2014, a group of 10 young British Somali leaders came together to tackle this negative stereotyping. The group, coordinated by Migrants Rights Network, set out on a quest to push back at the constant negative portrayal of their community and to advocate for solutions to some of the main issues affecting the Somali community.For the past few months the team have been tirelessly generating research from focus groups across several London boroughs.The results from this research highlighted three main areas of concern:

  • Negative media representation.
  • Unfair police treatment – criminalisation of Somali youth.
  • The government’s failure to uphold their promise for rehabilitative support following the khat ban.

At the public event, the team will present their findings and work with expert panels made up of police commissioners, journalists, health service experts and third sector organisations representatives to come up with solutions and recommendations for British Somali residents on how to challenge media and police stereotyping.