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Poetry Workshop 2017

We are excited to announce a brand new program at ATM called “Writers Realm”. This is a programme for Poetry and performance. Poetry is an art form that resonates with Somalis.

The program will be initiated by Farah Gabdon who has extensive experience and knowledge in creative writing, poetry and performance. ‘Writer’s Realm” is our new Poetry Club, come & learn the flow of words. If you would like to participate please email at farahg@theatm.org

Topic: Questions about home: for many of us, the idea of home is a complicated one. Finding the words to explain what home means to each of us. Reading through poetry that explores the plethora of ideas about home.

Poetry Focus: In this session, we will examine the concept and idea of home, through the use of personification.
Writing about home, using personification and building on metaphor and rhyme.