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Open-Minded Debate: Somali Youth Speak Out

Anti-Tribalism Movement is pleased to host the Open-Minded Debate special edition on Somali Youth Speak out on Saturday 12th May 2018, 5.30pm- 7.30pm

In 2018, London has witnessed the rise of violence which have traumatised the Somali community. Many young Somalis are losing their lives to violence or being lured into the cycle of criminality.

The Somali Youth Speak Out workshop aims to bring together members of the Somali community across London, to discuss some of the serious matters facing our community and to issue joint recommendations for the stakeholders involved.

The Somali Youth Speakout event will create a platform for young Somalis, leading Somali organisation and parents to raise their concerns about the issue of gang violence and knife crime. Most Importantly, to share ideas and best practices in creating change within the Somali community. The evening will consist of roundtable discussion and key speakers within the field. The roundtable discussions will focus on one of these following issues; economic opportunity, poverty, education, belonging and environment.

The workshop aims to promote a critical dialogue in an open safe space. As organisers, we are committed to encouraging an action plan developed by members of the Somali community. The action plan can then be implemented within leading Somali organisation, and to be passed onto local authority.

Light refreshment will be provided

Email Info@atm.org for more information