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Knife Crime and Gang Membership Community Conference

Following the rise in knife crime in London related to gangs or youths across London, we take the view the issues at play is structural, family, finite resources and general lack of purpose for young people involved in these unfortunate incidents in London. 
The vast majority of youths in London are structurally sound and fordward looking. However, its the small minority that bring negativity and unwarranted attention. The causal effects of this dillema is complex and requires cross sector urgent partnership/actions at grass-root level. 
Within this framework members of the Somali community in London have organised an evening of information sharing and an attempt to find durable solutions to these issues that effect US all in London. The Somali community in London is most effected by knife crime and youth violence as statistics show at least 8 young British/Somali origins had their life cut short by youth violence/ knife crime. 
This particular evening discussions are not about blaming people or institutions about the issue – but rather an opportunity to share what actions we can all take to support and learn from each other in dealing with these complex multi-facet issues on youth violence.