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Kayd’s Open Talk With Said Salah Ahmed

KAYD’S OPEN TALK with Said Salah Ahmed
Kayd Somali Arts and Culture is delighted to invite you to the launch of a new initiative entitledKAYD’S OPEN TALK. The launch of this new series of talks will take place on the 9th January, 2015, 7pm at Oxford House, Bethnal Green, Derbyshire Street, London, E2 6HG

Said Salah

For the launch of this important cultural landmark, we have invited Said Salah Ahmed, the eminent poet, playwright, teacher and art critic, who will, on this occasion, take us through the complicated trajectory of Somali arts and culture, exploring changes over the last two decades.

The Kayd Open Talk Series will offer a new platform for Somali communities in the UK and the Horn to reflect on their pasts, presents and futures. Distinguished artists, scholars, activists, journalists and scholars who work with Somalis will be invited to discuss issues of relevance to Somalis in the Horn and the diaspora.

This new cultural platform does not seek to replace or substitute, but to complement our current work. Eminent scholars renowned for their erudition and expertise in the field will be invited to present a lecture or essay on a given aspect of Somali art or literature.

Through these talks, the audience will be invited to take part in a conscientious appraisal of Somali arts and literature, and urged to probe deeper into the underlying causes of its recent degeneration; they will also reflect on possible solutions for the future advancement of the arts.

Since its inception KAYD has taken upon itself the responsibility of preserving and promoting Somali arts and culture. We were motivated by the glaring fact that these two main aspects of Somali life had been the hardest hit and had suffered the gravest damage. Throughout our annual programme of the “Somali Week Festival” held in London, we have therefore followed the tradition of inviting renowned Somali poets and other artists to present their works. In consultation with the audience we have invited artists of different ages and experiences from across the Somali regions to present a range of different art forms, from poetry recitals to theatre and dance.

According to the feedback we have received from the public over the years, the outcome has so far proven to be commendable and this has given us fresh impetus. That is why at this stage, we have decided to embark upon yet another ambitious task.

KAYD’S OPEN TALK will be a space to explore new ideas and new forms of collaboration among artists, scholars and activists to interact with Somali youth and the community at large.

I hope you can join us for the first KAYD’S OPEN TALK with Said Salah Ahmed, performances  by Shay Mirre, and Nimo Yasin