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International Women’s Day 2021

International Women’s Day 2021 – #ChooseToChallengeOurCulturalNorms

Inviting you all to celebrate International Women’s Day with us to connect and share experiences with a multitude of successful women.

ATM has been working with researchers to produce a report that explores the diaspora’s relationship to buraanbur and how this forms personal and political identities through this art-form. The report will be published on International Women’s Day and is the first of its kind. It aims to inspire and contribute to the everyday lives of Somali women by instigating reflectivity. One example of this is asking ourselves; what if the spaces where we express ourselves with pride and honor – could embrace womanhood as an independent entity beyond the limitations of clan praise? This falls perfectly under the theme of ‘Choosing To Challenge Our Cultural Norms’, as this report exemplifies how we challenge a cultural norm and alter it to be more progressive and inclusive.

With that being said, this event aims to encourage a dialogue between women of all ages within the Somali community to push for gender equity is not just in Somalia, but other diaspora regions. This event will feature a multitude of successful Somali women, providing an opportunity to network with other female professionals and academics also allowing them to share their understanding of what it means to challenge your cultural norms. There will also be a number of performances to complement the event.

Additionally, the time has been allocated at the end for a Q&A segment between the audience and the panel.

The panel will include:

Sagal Ali – Founder, Somali Arts Foundation.

Maryan Hassan – Chief Negotiator, World Trade Organisation.

Nasra Ismail – Associate Director, Co-Impact.

Dr. Hodan Osman – Associate Professor, Zhejiag Normal University.

You can join the event by using the following joining details on March 8th at 4pm UK Time:


Meeting ID: 821 6532 0156

Passcode: 985741