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Hearing from the Somali Diaspora

Concerns regarding Somali, the current threat from al-Shabaab, the foreign policy of Britain and western countries towards the nation, and how this affects its people are often raised by local members of the Somali community. Almost a year after the tragic October 2017 bombings in Mogadishu – the nations deadliest terrorist attack – such a discussion is as important as ever. To ensure that there is a platform to discuss these pressing issues, the Council is organising a Community Questions event on this very topic in partnership with the Baraka Community Association.

We will hear from a range of community members and expert speakers who will then answer any questions you may have. Crucially, this event will also discuss what can be done to help address these challenges and will offer a platform for community members to share their views and experiences.

The event is free and anyone is welcome to attend and stay for a light supper and refreshments.

For more information, please contact: 07825 904 191