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Hate Crime – Somali perspective & experience – help us to tackle it?

Hate crime against visible minorities is not something new. Prior to the vote for Brexit hate crime was on the increase. Post the formal initiation of Brexit, the hostility against EU migrants and perceived foreigners has reached unprecedented levels. Those who are visibly different are particularly vulnerable, irrespective of whether or not they are British nationals. Increasingly this hate and hostility is manifesting in violent acts including life-changing acid attacks. On the other end of the spectrum, we have persistent low-level harassment which is making the lives of vulnerable members of our community especially women and the elderly miserable. More needs to be urgently done.

This roundtable discussion builds on research conducted by CSO, ATM and Dr Shoba Das MBE, which was published by the Home Affairs Select Committee on hate crime and its consequences last September. We want to continue taking forward suggestions by you — members of the community most affected by these abominable acts — on what needs to be done. We invite you to come and help us with our campaign to combat hate in all its forms.

Tell us why many Somalis are not reporting hate crimes. What the police and other law enforcing agents need to do better. What initiatives should we put forward that will ensure justice for victims and their families? What initiatives will prevent the growth of the perpetrator community? What will empower bystanders to act rather than walk away when they see hate crime whether that is on the tube, parks or any public place.


  • Sally Sealy, Team Lead on Hate Crime, Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Hilary Patel, Team Lead on Faith Engagement and Race Equality, Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Sheikh Ibrahim Mussa – Imam, Finsbury Park Mosque
  • Fathia Mohamed – Met Police Somali Engagement Officer
  • Caroline Vaudrey, International Engagement and Diaspora Outreach, Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  • Shobha Das MBE– Independent Researcher
  • Collin Adams, Chair of Islington Hate Crime Forum
  • Iman Abou Atta, Director, Tell Mama & Faith Matters
  • Gwanwyn Mason, Programme Manager, Hate Crime MOPAC
  • Chaired by Sham Qayyum, Director of CSO

To reserve your place please email Asha, (asha@councilofsomaliorgs.com) or call 0207 832 5844.