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Good Parenting Workshop

Muslimah Matters.

Muslimah Matters is a series of facilitated discussions and presentations, delivered for Women that are linked with important Muslim faith based institutions. It is delivered usually over 4-5 weeks in weekly sessions and covers subjects that have been negotiated with the women themselves. Usually, these are subjects which are socially or politically current and encourage wider debate and involvement in the world around them. This inputs focus on the ‘factors for vulnerability’ and for example, can include internet safety, youth issues, the role of women in society, concerns about education, adult training provision, the effect of drink or drugs volunteering in the community, the effect of extremism in society, access to benefits and jobs.


The objectives of Muslimah Matter include:

  1. Engage women involved in faith institutions to address the social concerns that they have, based upon an informal needs assessment undertaken at the start of the project.
  2. Introduce the concept of preventative work and explore the factors for vulnerability that might affect their friends, families or colleagues
  3. Empower them to become a credible voice in their community and raise their confidence levels to challenge extremist and criminal narratives, identify the vulnerable and have access to contacts that they can discuss their concerns with confidentially.
  4. Encourage the participants to become involved in volunteering and other community based services.
  5. To identify volunteers that can join the ‘Credible Voices’ network of women across the borough.