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Empowering Somali Women

Ladan Takow is working on hosting a one of a kind  ‘Empowering Somali Women Event’ in London/UK. The aim is to gather young girls to discuss the question of women empowerment in the Somali community as a holistic approach. This inspiring women’s event will engage in a healthy discussion on how to support women empowerment, specifically through education, Media, political participation, role models and justice.

The event will thus offer a vital platform for conversation on some of the more challenging issues Somali women face in the UK. The aim of this event is to equip and empower young people through education and learning. Also encourage girls to be more active in their communities and celebrate their culture. Throughout the day there will also be a host of entertainment, including dance performances, (Dhaanto, Buraanbur and Sharax) music competitions and Macmacaans.

This gathering will also give attendee’s the opportunity to explore the diversity of Somali heritage through dance and healthy discussion, whilst offering a platform for women’s creativity and self-expression. The event will also offer invaluable networking opportunities, with the chance for attendee’s to connect and liaise with other influential women. Check her new post and find out more about the girls who are volunteering at this event.  Here is Ladan Takow’s journey http://ladantakow.blogspot.in/