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Somali Advice and Development Centre (SADC) presents the Ealing Somali Youth Event 2015.

The Ealing Somali Youth event is an annual conference run by the youth for the youth. The main purpose of this conference is to motivate and inspire Somali youth and to also give them a chance to have their concerns heard by members of the local council.

Somali youth from the borough of Ealing are given the chance to meet older inspirational but still young Somalis, that they can take as role models and aspire to be like. They are also given the platform to speak their minds about anything that they deem necessary for the council to take into consideration.

With motivational speeches from young Somalis similar to them, interspersed with fun entertainment, the aim is to empower and motivate the youth to seek and earn a bright future. However, the most important part of this event is the workshop session. During this segment of the day, the youth attendees are asked difficult controversial questions to question their own moral standing and to also stretch their minds. In hopes that they leave the event not only motivated, but also more open minded and wise about the world around them.
There is only one condition to this event. Only youth between the ages of 13-19 are allowed to be in attendance. There is a strict rule against any sort of adult participation.
This year the event will be held on Saturday the 21st of March 2015, from 12:30pm to 5pm at Westside Young Peoples Centre, Churchfield Road London W13 9NF.

Join them for an afternoon filled with fun entertainment, inspiration and motivation.
For more information call the main event organisers at:
07538877695  / 07538877664 Or email them at info@sadc-uk.org.