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Open-Minded Debate – Domestic Violence

This month’s topic of discussion is “Domestic violence within Somali Community”. The Open-Minded Debate hopes to create dialogue and provide a safe space for Somalis to discuss issues of importance to them.

Violence against women and girls is one of the most prevalent human rights violations in the world. It knows no social, economic, or national boundaries. Unfortunately, within the Somali community cases of gender-based violence tend to be silenced. Domestic violence harms the health, and dignity of the victim. Due to cultural norms and the fear of stigma in the Somali community, victims of domestic violence are isolated from the community, which could lead to mental health difficulties such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other challenges. We feel that discussions such as this should be encouraged to highlight the causes and the effects of domestic violence. We are hoping to create a better understanding of the barriers that prevent victims from seeking out help and support as well empowering  Somali women to utilise the available resources.

We will discuss the followings:
1) Is domestic violence prevalent in the Somali community?

2) Is domestic violence more prevalent in the younger Somali generation, if so, why?

3) How do we challenge cultural norms which normalise domestic violence?

4) How can we create a safe space for victims?

5) What are the currently available services for those seeking refuge from domestic violence?

Disclaimer: This event will be filmed.