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Changing the media perceptions of Somalis

Anti-Tribalism Movement and UCLU Somali Society is pleased to host;

Changing the media perceptions of Somalis’

While it is commonly known that Somalis are underrepresented and isolated within societies, media representations of Somalis have further perpetuated the social exclusion of Somalis. In the last decade, Somalis in London, Toronto, Minnesota, are constantly portrayed by the media as perpetrators of violence, gang members, foreigner, terrorist and other negative connotation, which has unfortunately lead to the stigmatisation, discrimination, of Somali communities.

However despite the negative representation, Somalis across the world have contributed significantly within their respected societies, from the first ever Somali minister in Canada Ahmed Hussein, to the young Somali entrepreneur who is reshaping the tech industry. Somalis are extremely prospering within the fields of business, social work, sports, education and entertainment.

This event will explore the following;

  • How we can positively change the media narrative of Somalis
  • Inspire young Somalis to create and take of ownership of their own narrative

Our guest panellist;

Halima Adan- Somali American Model

Sagal Mohammed- Editorial at Glamour

Ikran Dahir- Reporter at Buzzfeed

Join us to discuss how we can change the media perceptions of Somalis.

Refreshments and light snacks will be provided on the day.

Disclaimer: This event will be filmed.